Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nico Bascom

Hi all !!!

I have known this man for almost three years in SL .. during which time, he has ventured into being a mass builder, a giver to SL, and back to RL! I have watched his advanced building abilities grow and create these wonderful, purely realistic waterfalls! There are in my eyes one of SL's best! I have seen many types, but these have been carefully done, with much time, skill and love. In the following will be a note from Nico and a picture of his wonderful creations... Enjoy!

Here is what he says:

Waterfalls seem to attract everyone. Maybe it is the force, maybye the movement, the way the sun light splashes across the water,..the relaxing sound created as the stream rushes to the sea.
I live in mountains full of waterfalls of different sizes, but all have the qualities mentioned.
Many times, I have set beside or even stood in one letting its elements fill my senses.
Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this pleasure.
One can at least have their own waterfall in this second life. I experimented in many different ways to make realistic waterfalls and continue striving to improve their quality. Many of the falls and grotto's which I have created were at the request of clients.
I strive to build them to the desires of others. Feel free to contact me if you have your own particular water feature waiting to come into existence from your imagination.
Most of the sculpties, and textures which I use for water and rocks are unique.
At the very least, come and experience the serenity here in Quiet Thunder.

Thank you Nico,


Quiet Thunder (149, 167, 25) This is the teleport spot, enjoy !


  1. I completly agree... Nico's waterfalls are truly wonderful.

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