Saturday, January 12, 2013

Change The World.. Big movement trying to do just that!

I guess I am not the only one seeing extreme things happening on this earth, such as the much more powerful storms that have touched so many lives, including droughts, fires and more.  I was watching a news channel the other day and a caller was trying to tell some government officials about the global warming that is becoming more and more so... and they basically cut her off without letting her finish, however she did manage to get a website out......  This website I have never heard of.. and probably for good reason.. some people probably don't want others to see this... so I am going to give a connection to the site and also embed somethings on the blog from within the site..Lots of good info hope you enjoy...GB

Here is the Site  <( Just click) 

I hope we all do the right thing.. to improve our earth.. healing her,  and  in doing so improve our own lives..GB you all!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Star of Bethlehem... Amazing finds!!!

I am always trying to find interesting things on the net.. I am a christian and my interest is a lot to do with true bible events..  The website I am giving you here is very amazing.. however I will let you be the judge of that!  I hope you find it as interesting and enlightening as I have!!!  Be will happy and safe... GB


I have been blogging for a very long time.. before I even started this one and have always had the name ForeverArtistic... its even under a business license name I have.. so if you see any other sites that have this name its not the true ForeverArtistic .. when I started this name no one else had it...lately others are using it as I have written it... since google publishes some of my things on google I believe others are trying to copy the name to get people to their sites assuming its me.. but its not.. :) GB and keep the faith!!!

The Longest and Greatest Migration known on Earth!

 Fascinating and Amazing, I hope you enjoy GB

Amazing what a Little Faith can do!!!!

I got a couple video's  from YouTube that are so inspiring and full of Faith!!!  Not only on a little puppies part but also the wonderful people who were so incredibly great people to give her a chance to live!!!  Goes to prove we should never give up Faith, and Hope!!!  GB

Here is the official Website of Faith !


Happy New Year Everybody!

     Hi and Happy New Year... a few days late but better late than never...I hope your new year will be one filled with much joy and a year of new beginnings!  So much has been happening in the world last few years.. seems its not getting much better.. but in the mist of that, with faith we hopefully will gain more enlightenment than sorrow..enough to carry on and be strong through whatever we face in coming times.
 Remembering to take one day at a time... because that is the only one we have... there is no longer yesterday and there has not yet been a tomorrow.  

Here is a song I found to lift your day and perhaps help you along your way!  GB

 Hugs and blessings!!!



If you ever feel you have lost your faith...this following story is so incredibly intense that... it may help you find it again!!!!  GB