Friday, March 20, 2009

Juria, she is doing it again!!!!!!

Juria has a new installation, you can view it here but best to really see it live in SL!!! Sh says to make sure you fly through the windows and turn your audio up! What an artist!! Thank you again Juria

Flickr photos of Jurias


Here is where you go to visit this installation:

click here to see it

She also just gave me this:

Memespelunk Revival Studio
Juria Yoshikawa
March-April 2009


Welcome to an adhoc attempt to recapture the fun and color of Memespelunk, the original studio sim of myself Juria Yoshikawa in 2007-2008. Thanks to the kindness of Gwenette Writer and Kennesaw State University of Georgia, I will be able to experiment with the virtual art medium for a bit in peace and quiet. Then in late April (at the same location) I will be showing an older piece some of you may remember called "I'm Not Here" in this space as a part of the Boston Cyber Arts Festival.

For best viewing for the current works, please switch your SUN to MIDNIGHT and turn your SOUND ON (and music off). Wander the sim to discover different experiments I'm currently working on.

Juria Yoshikawa

more of Jurias work

�� A note from butterfly, this is really cool, Juria captures sight and sound with wonderful displays of color and with music, as you walk you create your own with musical notes that have been integrated into this wonderful work.. Enjoy!

Added March 24th 2009 More about the artist's work can be found at and

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