Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One of my fears LOL

I live in Jacksonville, Florida, its a huge consolidated city for years, before it was small little towns outside the down town city limits. We are called the river city, cause we are surrounded by water, by the St Johns river and other waterways around till it all comes to the sea, the atlantic. We have the one of two rivers that flow north in America. Thought for the longest that we had the only one and at the time can't remember where the other is but it is! So being called the river city, we have many huge bridges here, and for years have crossed all of them with ease.....until this new one the Danes point bridge. Its the tallest and has a huge over head span, which makes it intimidating a bit..smiles. The first time I crossed it, took my youngest son, we started up and all was well till I came to the tall things on top.. kept telling my son "wow look at all the ships down there" but he started to notice I started hugging the steering wheel closely, he asks, "Mom, you ok" I reply, "Yes, why do you ask?" " Your holding the steering wheel so tightly!" "Oh, I am just trying to see that wonderful artistry above us! In reality I was not a happy camper! Take a look at its size! One thing is sure I will conquer it one day! Love to all, Butter

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