Sunday, July 26, 2009

Syl Darcy A Fantastic Artist

I have known Syl for about a year and a half now, and in SL years that is a long time, during which we have had many good conversations. Mind you short visits due to us leading very busy lives, but we manage to stay in touch, thank goodness! She is a wonderful person, and it shows in all she does! She is an extreme artist in RL/SL and also very interested in assisting others in their endeavors in the music field. In the following will be her Bio and also some other interesting facts about this very inspiring lady!

Artist Bio

Syl Darcy AKA Sylvia Marks

I have painted all of my life in 2006 I opened a real life art gallery and studio in Rockledge, Florida. I feel very blessed to say I am host to 16 of the the most unique artist in my community. I paint live on the internet and that is what brought me into Second Life. I was painting live one day and one of my viewers from Belguim said to me have you been to Second Life:) I was like hahahaha what is Second Life?? He told me that he thought my art would be great here. I joined to market my art and did not relize I would meet so many wonderful ppl from all over the world. I love sharing my art with so many wonderful friends I have made here in sl.


"Art is my passion, and it is also my voice. The images I create may tell a story, reflect a mood, or just simply come to be, but my work is always motivated by my own experiences, feelings, and the world around me. Although I refer to my painting style as realism, I strive to paint using direct strokes of the brush, incorporating refined color tones, implied brush strokes, and subtle textures.

I am fascinated with the effects of light and shadow. Many of my paintings incorporate strong contrasts, shadow effects, or mystical effects captured by applying thin layers of color, one over the other. I enjoy listening to people as they view my work. Most comment on the soft color tones, and the quiet feeling of peace created in my images. Although I sometimes work in oil, my medium of choice is definately acrylic.

I still enjoy accepting commissions, as there is always a wonderfully interesting story behind each portrait or painting. It's very rewarding when my work is given as a gift, and is well received by the recipient. Creating a piece that touches someone and makes them happy is what makes my work as an artist so rewarding.

Art is not merely a project, craft or trade. It is an understanding of all that we take in and how we perceive it. It is about the soul. All of us have different perceptions, but we are connected by the universal ability to view something and take it into our soul, to make it our own. Therefore, "seeing" is only a tool by which we each perceive our reality. Art is a language we can all speak and it knows not the bounds or restrictions of our lives. Art is uncontrolled and breathing. Separate from us, yet it has the ability to become a part of us forever. As an artist, I am an interpreter. This is my goal, to understand, perceive, and touch your soul. I capture the moments in time we cherish and give them back to you in dreams on canvas"

Painting she is doing!
Syl Darcy's Main Gallery

Visit Syl's in world Main Gallery

Little Note on C.Y.D. Records, Syl Founder, and CEO;

Providing a path for up and coming Musicians in SL
If your interested in booking a C.Y.D. musician please send a notecard as my IMS GET CAPPED!!!
Providing a path for up and coming Musicians in SL This is not a "we think we can", this is we will. We want to exceed all others here in SL but also in doing so, provide you with the most support as possible. We also plan to go into real life and show record labels what we are doing and use that base to stand on and possibly partner in with a real life record label. So not only do you have a chance to sign with a record label here in SL but possibly with a real life record label. We are also looking into set ups for Bands and this will be up soon we hope.

This month (July) Syl was interviewed, and a story done by Nu Vibez Magazine! Try to get a copy, its a great article of Syl and her work bridging Rl and Sl and more. I have copies I can distribute if needed. You will find her article on page 106. Good going Syl!

On another note, if you need to take a break in any world, you can book an escape with Sly, she provides vacations of many sorts, and also can provide flowers!! Awesome Syl... when is my flight did you say?Book your next Vacation here! Or even become an agent!

Thank you again Syl!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Valley

Hi all, introducing another painting that will be going to Gallery and some shows soon in RL, hope you enjoy... I like thinking of where the valley will lead amongst the mountains..

All my paintings are protected, in various ways, if someone wishes to use one of them please contact me first, they are intended to view only here, thank you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scoutlounge, House Music Community

Scoutlounge is not just a normal SL Club. It is a Community of users from all over the world, linked together by the passion for House Music.

In my travels and research always looking for interesting places, and due to some friends from the past and interesting profiles ( smiles ) I came across this place!

This is an Island of the musical Arts, Founder; Lexx Runo, its a community of live DJ,s go at it back to back for up to 18 hours a day, Seven days a week. These very talented musical artist come from all over the world, since 2007, this place has grown to over 100 DJ's playing, and believe me from what I have seen, there are always people there somewhere from around the world in RL coming to SL to enjoy anytime of the day or night!

I briefly had a chance talk to Anabella Wrigglesworth one of the managers, and to interview one of the Director of this awesome place, Cesare Drucker, and I asked him, Do a lot of these artists find this sort of thing helpful for them in Rl, he states " we try to help them, especially the big advantage is about networking, one european DJ can hear a japanese or US DJ and get new inspiration or also technical advice." He further states, "I know of a few DJs who have been learning how to DJ on SL, and they are very good, they could surely perform live in RL" He made it very clear a lot of team work and effort goes into this venture!! Thank you both for your time and I hope that everyone in SL can appreciate this awesome creative musical place in SL!

The following is a breakdown of the staff, many hard workers that make this an exciting and interesting place for the many very talented musical artists from around the world who DJ to the fullest...





FOUNDER : Lexx Runo,

1. Electra Liotta,
2. Mlita Pennell,
3. Cesare Drucker,

1. Amelia Marialla
2. Anabella Wrigglesworth
3. AngelsNaughty Destiny
4. BAB5 Gossipgirl
5. Barney Helendale
6. Christensia Parkin
7. Duru Erin
8. Gabbana Decosta
9. helen Zhora
10. Ramski Nexen
11. Sexyleggs Beliveau
12. Skylah Kesslinger
13. Michele Freiman
14. Nissatje Bravin

1. Pure Nikolaidis
2. Eleni Leigh



1. CvC Criss
2. Diamond Shelford
3. Doubledown Tandino
4. Kylie Wiefe
5. lionel Setsuko
6. Peterpan Galthie
7. Prakty Magic
8. Shanti Allen
9. Trix Congrejo

Abim Beaumont
AddYou Johin
Akiko Tripsa (DJane)
Anderson Vayandar
Barbbara Dean (DJane)
Bart Kovacs
benny Klang
Blade Unsustainable
broseph vaher
CvC Criss
Diamond Shelford (DJane)
Dint Talon
DJ Indigo
dJleftydc Denja
DJmas Magic
Djrico Blitzstein
Doubledown Tandino
Dr Babad, Portugal
Electra Liotta (DJane)
Emil Praga
Fifistar Baxton
Freddy Galtier
Gerd Barthelemess
Gino Aichi
Gonguitas Greggan
Hakuei Enzo
Helen Bert (DJane
Jase Sin
Joca Sawson
Krakov Letov
Kylie Wiefel (DJane)
Legewen Bailey (DJane)
Lex Evanier
Lexx Runo
Linse Noriega
lionel Setsuko
magicbroom Bailey
Migueles Capalini
Nimo Svenson
oldschool Spitteler
Pasha Latzo
Pete Westminster
Peterpan Galthie
Phreak Lemmon
pierrot Infinity
Prakty Magic
Psytrancer Timeless (DJane)
Rafael Senne
Rafworx Rhapsody
Rhoyks Qork
Rodherik Kultus
Roland Piers
Sander Sassower
Sebastian Neiro
Shanti Allen (DJane
Sherman McCallen
Shina Shan
silver Rossen
Sirhc Martinek
Sithut Tammas
Sten Dirval
Sthepan Fiertze
Storm Cascarino
TheArtfullOne Skytower
Thunderbird Writer
Tommi Inshan (DJane)
TrinityBlade3 Einamerge
Trix Congrejo
Vitor Urqhart
Zaac Mixemup
Zal Chevalier

Club Guests listening to Scoutlounge Live DJs can do so at the Club OR at the Club Website via Radio/ Live DJ Webpage.

DJ ADVISORS: If a DJ needs advice on any DJ stream/equipment issues, DJ mixing & tune selection tips, DJ promoting in SL, etc, our Scoutlounge DJ Advisors are available to help you. Our DJ Advisors are experienced & well-established RL & SL DJs. See above DJ Advisors Names.

Absynth Zwanger
Alkanos Smit
Andy Moon
Atom Hykova
Brasco Menges
Brittany Troncon (DJane)
Captain Clipper
Clastix Enzo
Deckard Eames
Desterac Laval
Digital Francis
Dizzit Scarmon
DJ Feden
DJfrenzy Dreamscape
DJMaurice Hax
Esteban Kumaki
Ezio Gears
Filterhead Bellic
Garra Rossini
Hansel Mayo
hope Sewell (DJane)
kalia Ivory (DJane)
Kromus Korobase
Mace Runo
Maceo Graves
manjivanqul Roff
maximopost Menges
Muzeek Okey
nikos Stuer
NuRiTo Inshan
Olivier Gopheller
raulvlc78 Diesel
RavenSi Reve
RiZL4 Anthony
RK Abramovic
Thonny Franizzi
Verez Lemon
xander Gackt
Yannik Seaton

Adellie Hamelin
Amelia Marialla
Anabella Wrigglesworth
AngelsNaughty Destiny
Anja Akina
Arami Aeon
asatany Belgar
Ash Coche
AxeL Cluny
Azza Lupindo
Barney Helendale
BAB5 Gossipgirl
blowen420 Gossipgirl
Camille Crannock
Christensia Parkin
Christin Alex
Diego Michalske
Duru Erin
Enaj Exonar
Ethan Janic
Florecita Zabaleta
Gabbana Decosta
Gingerrr Denimore
Girly Dreamscape
helen Zhora
Iwillbe Magic
Jamie Clip
Jenasy Plutonian
Joshy Pond
Kalina Sands
Kari Moonwall
Krisha Ivanova
Lemon Rabeni
leyllla Denimore
Lisa Hambleton
Luana Hancroft
Mackenzie Baarere)
Mango Mubble
Maretch Waffle
Matilda Pinion
Megan Caedmon
Mekha Piers
missy Kayor
Monai Parkin
Na30m Razor
Nadia Lanzet
Naveah009 Lamplight
Neda Andel
Nena Jigsaw
Nicole Linette
Nikkii Nootan
Paris Landsmann
piffy Difference
purplestarz Lemon
Ramski Nexen
Renlobo Renfold
sara Cyberstar
Semi Oller
Sexyleggs Beliveau
Skylah Kesslinger
Smyth Balazic
Steph Wade,
stephanie Carissa
summer Renfold
SummerBreeze Quintessa
tastyempress Naxos
Tazzy Larsson
Victoria Grau
waondub Halcali


Cesare Drucker
Eleni Leigh
Pure Nikolaid

Scoutlounge is not just a normal SL Club. It is a Community of users from all over the world, linked together by the passion for House Music.
In order to enhance and encourage this feeling, many tools are implemented over various platforms.
This is a list of the current ways of reaching Scoutlounge outside SL:


It is located at the address and features the following:

I) Interviews
II) Live radio stream
III) Calendar
IV) News/Events
V) Press Releases
VI) Podcast
VII) Forum

To access the Forum you need to register yourself first. From the mainpage, choose the LOGIN menu on top right. You will be redirected to a page which reads "Welcome to ScoutLounge Family". On the bottom, you can click on the "Register" link. Fill up the required fields and click the "Register" button.


Everyone is encouraged to post and share their own Scoutlounge pictures on


Login on and search user "Scoutlounge"


Login on and search user "Scoutlounge"

Founded in 2007, Scoutlounge evolved from a House Music Club into a worldwide Community with more than 100 DJs and nearly as many Staff Members. Enjoy it in world or through the website

click here for Slurl must see!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jon Haskell One of SL's best Realistic Sculptors

Jon Haskell has been a friend for at least two years in Second Life. In the time I have known him he has highly developed his passion.... Very Realistic Sculptures, and not just any, but many, and of wildlife, ranging from pets, baby animals, farm animals, birds, fish, exotic animals, and more. When you enter his store, you begin to feel the nature around you with sight and sounds! These animals and creature are low prim and not expensive and scripted for sound and or movement, so anyone can enjoy these lovely realistic animated creations in sl! It is a must see!!! Thank you Jon for the lovely animals I have gotten in the past, they have always made my surroundings more pleasant, pleasing to the eye and the senses!

Click here....Jon Haskell's Store a must see !

A Stab at Faces

Faces are not my forte, however they intrigue me, so in time hopefully will master them, meanwhile consider this my beginning......who knows where it may go! This is to represent a young girl in maybe the 1920's era, or close....smiles

Friday, July 17, 2009

Some news!

Painting the Town

I have been painting for years, and years ago entered many shows, sold quite a few pieces and then came children lol....and of course they come first, I wasn't making enough doing arts to support us sufficiently, so I focused on my children and did an occasional painting. I had active sons and their dad was in the Navy and out to sea a lot so it was out of the question to try to do shows back then...

Recently, since my three sons are adult now, ( the last barely) its my turn again to explore.. so beside the college gigs I have coming, I will be attending up coming shows and my first is next Saturday, have hooked up with other artists in the area, and we will all meet and exchange ideas as they come! Its a great community of people and I feel right at home!

Just thought I would share that bit of information with you, as many of you follow some of my art doings! All my work will be sold as copies, my originals are safely tucked away! I have a few friends in other parts of the country that are willing also to spread my work, but first getting the home town connection solid!

Stay in touch, Butterfly

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Underwater Scene

Been enjoying RL a bit so haven't been writing here lately, was to return sooner but got a lot done! I am presently working on setting up with the Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts, they want me to give some Seminars on my style of Art! I will also be presenting some of my work at the Art Walk down town Jacksonville. Still writing and enjoying doing so, the chapters are taking longer due to so many other things in the works!! Will show you a work I just completed, or at least I think I have, ( feel like they always could use more of something)!! Again I will show the progression of the piece, this piece is from an acrylic painting I have done a few years ago in RL. Was told that it couldn't be done, to produce a from scratch painting in a pc program to look like a painting in such as acrylics etc, well here it is! Exactly why I have been given the opportunity to Lecture and teach this, at our local college. No program devices, have been used only the paint color palette, and mouse! Hugs to all, Butterfly

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 4th of July


The anniversary of the United States of Americans independence is coming up! I hope all have a wonderful safe time, with cook outs and fireworks, and mini vacations, this coming weekend, enjoy!!!! I won't be on for the next few days but will return soon!! Hugs to all,