Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helen Keller Day in SL

One of my favorite people to have learned about in jr High was Helen Keller, I couldn't get my hands on enough to read about her. She Was born June 27, 1880, and passed on June 1, 1968, and she was born in the small town of Tuscumbia, in Alabama. She was completely blind and deaf, and became uncontrollable at times, for her parents, it was becoming increasingly hard to control her, Helen didn't know how to communicate with others, she would often throw things, or bite probably due to much frustration, however, I am sure it had to be rough on her parents, not knowing how to help their child. Early on in Helen's young life at age 5, Ann Sullivan, came to her to teach her how to communicate, or at least try, it was quite difficult at first but in time Helen began to learn, and until her death never stopped wanting to learn. Please when you have time look up Helen Keller and Ann Sullivan, two very interesting ladies in a time that was very difficult in itself to live even without a disability.

Today and I believe this is the only day in Second life they are having Helen Keller day. Not only to reflect on this wonderful woman's courage and strength and abilities, but to come together to make the Second Life experience more interesting, fun, and exciting for those with disblities, some with partial and or total loss of sight, and hearing. Virtual Helping Hands Group, and Wheelies are key help in organizing this event, and also instrumenting in creating new aids to assist the blind and deaf in Second Life, They are having many speakers from all over that have some link to the above mentioned things. I am sure you can contact these groups if you have access to Second Life for further information, in detail, for your interest or if you know someone who could use their assistance. To speak of a couple of them; Michael Vision, is blind, and in real life worked at the Twin Towers in New York City, where on the day of 911, was on the I believe the 78th floor, when the planes hit. With is co-worker, and also his seeing eye dog he and the people he was with were able to make it out down the stair, after an hour the plane had hit. They made it down the street, only to have the one of the towers fall, and they began to breath in debris. He was calm he said because his buddy, Rossell (seeing eye dog) he said remained calm. He says since 2007 his dog has retired, and relaxing now in his back yard. He now has another seeing eye dog and continues to do well...

Enter here for Helen Keller Slurl

Keller Sight, she is a relative of Helen Keller, and she gave a wonderful talk about the town of Tuscumbia, that she lives in that Helen grow up in, was quite interesting, and she gave a lot of details of Helen you might not have had any where else! Second life was crashing repeatedly so I don't have all the information I would have like to have had at this time, however when in world you can contact some of these people and see who has the schedules and the speeches in writing, because they were recorded!
Pathfinder Linden has be instrumental in helping extremely to put this together with many others such as Pologara Paine (Wheelies Director) Simon Walsh (Creator of Wheelies) and so on...

Will show what photos I could get of the Presentations, and tonight if SL is working better will get more of the other events on the Island!

A Large Group Turn out!

Michael Vision (Survived 911 Attack)

Simon Walsh (Wheelies)

My Infatuation

Michael McDonald, years ago was the best, I don't know why!! He just caught my attention, and I was just purely Infatuated with him even when he was still in the Doobie brothers band..... Here is my love, even if his hair color has changed... he is still so very handsome!!!! This song is pretty special to me!!!

Do you have days you feel out of control?

Try this!!!! Just put mouse over her left click and drag, if she gets stuck, or just try different variations... Have fun!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Relax, take a Load off

Sit back and enjoy.....

Tornado Today!

Hi all, today about 5pm we had what most thought was a waterspout on the St Johns River in Jacksonville.. It actually started over land and went to the water and back to land again, making it actually a Tornado! There we no injuries reported due directly to the storm itself, however due to heavy rains, there were a few car accidents, and thank goodness no reported fatalities. Several people in town, had cell phones with cameras and got some excellent shots of the Tornado. Will put a link to one of our local news channels on here so you can view what many are calling some award winning shots of this impressive storm. One gentlemen got a photo of inside the funnel as it passed briefly the second time over land, he stated, he couldn't hear the train sounds, just sounds of garbage cans, screen doors and other debris flying past him. It's something you don't see everyday and live to tell about it!! If you follow the link I have placed here you will see, his photo as well, as many really good ones! See you later, Butterfly


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tribute Day...

I am sorry for posting so many You Tube entries, or death notices.. I had to though, many of these people I kind of grew up with, I watched something of them all, this hit me, when it all happen so close together..honestly it was enough for me past days to respect my brothers death, then... they kept coming, people I didn't know personally but felt some kind of connect with! They lite up my life in someway, along the way..and had to post Tributes, just had to..I hope my last entries don't portray me as morbid, for my intentions are good!! Have to honor a passing as well as any birth, that I am aware of! I am doing well though, just have to reflect... Hugs to all.... Butterfly

Belated Tribute to Ed McMahon March 6, 1923-June 23, 2009

March 6, 1923-June 23, 2009

This is Ed and Johnny

Wow, Mr. McMahon died on Tuesday 23rd of June, He was an announcer, friend, and sidekick to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. They spent many many years doing that show together, He and Johnny would surely make one laugh...They came on quite late at night, and if I couldn't sleep would watch them, they were great! He died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center LA, his wife and family being at his side, at the age of 86.

Here are some clips form past shows they shared together!! God Bless you!

Michael Jackson Has Passed On, August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson August 29,1958 - June 25,2009

Today a call to 911 was made early this afternoon from the Jackson home. Paramedics arrived and transported him to an LA Hospital, where he died of cardiac arrest. He was only 50 years old, someone else I had watched my growing up years... He had a brilliant career in the music business from as far back as a the days of the Jackson Five..Went on to thrill the world with his music and early on charm. He was known as the "King of Pop" God Bless you!!!

Go here to see Michael J's mini Bio

Farrah Fawcett, February 2, 1947- June 25, 2009

At 9:28am Farrah lost her 3 year fight with anal cancer, she will be missed, I know I will, she was sort of an Idol when I was young..She was one of Charlies Angels, and in the show Six Million Dollar Man, and she was nominated for an Emmy for the movie "The Burning Bed". She made many appearances through out her career.
She left this world at the age of 62. God Bless You!

February 2, 1947- June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Out of the mouth of Babes... Connie Talbot

This little girl, I have watched along time... amazing...This song she is going to sing is "Imagine" and only six when she did it....We are told in the good book.... and a little child shall lead them!! Children are our future... and this is an awesome little girl, with a very angelic voice!

This song is great as well, " I will always Love you " I see she finally got her new teeth in :)

What was your favorite childhood song?

Here is mine!!!

Oh my don't let me forget this one... children can have two favorites!!!!! LOL

What was your favorite Teen songs.. Mine was, Diana Ross and the Supremes, I loved how she would sing.. looking back seems she sang a lot of sad songs lol, however, to me the rhythm, and Diana's great voice, I suppose just erased all that sad stuff.. :) My to be husband, unbenounced to me at the time...:) we were dating and he would go out to sea, due to being in the Navy, and be gone here and there.. and I would listen to these songs.. Somehow they made me happy!!!

Then, later when I was married, Ms. Diana was on her own and ohhh my what a singer... and I liked this one, however, all her songs were always good!

As time went on, Diana had some years, I can remember she would cry through songs, such a sensitive heart this lady has, this is a tribute for Marvin Gaye....from her

When I got a bit older... :):) there became another part of me to be exposed, my husband ( no longer married) brought home an album... Bat out of Hell... and even though this isn't the original ( In this video, the band is a lot older ..) but one of my older not teen years songs and music by Meat Loaf.. ( Gosh Hungry now lol) The album was very theatrical, and at the time loved my dance classes, Jazz and even though a bit different for me I loved it! Can anyone out there tell me what it is he wouldn't do in for love? I to this day don't know... Let me know if you do please... thank you early on.. I know someone out there has the answer!!!

Have a little Fun!!

This is another game you can play here for your enjoyment... Good Luck!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dedicated to my Brother, Eric.. July 13 1966-June 28,1982

In a few days will be the anniversary of my youngest brothers death. (June 28, 1982) He was a very good young man, 16, and if lived on, believe he would have grown to a fine man. For anyone who has lost a loved one, time doesn't really matter, he was here with us it seems like yesterday, however so long ago.... I wrote a poem after his death, and will share it here on this blog spot, strange, last year I found this video, which seems to relate in some ways, the butterflies, and flying through the clouds it seems so heavenly, and closely titled to my poem, maybe he stopped by to say hello! Many of you may know that after the funeral there were millions of butterflies everywhere in my mothers backyard, never happened before that or again... I believe it was a message from him.. Here is to you, Eric...miss and Love you!!!

Written to my mother A Poem ( about my brother Eric)
Whispers in the Wind

Memories oh precious memories
your like whispers in the wind,
Of times of long ago , but not to long
of when birthing ends and your last is born.
The past seems less important than present and future,
as each day blossoms with new expectations.
The last child an ending of past events.
A new beginning into a new future of unknown times.
Pleading with time to hold still a little longer,
but time will not cooperate it must have its way.
I watch time steal away into memories , from teething rings, to
basketballs and all the in between that makes growth inevitable.
I see through a window of the past , of times when you were
small, of worn out grass where you played but no more.
I see a lonely basketball waiting for your return, but you won't.
And as the grass reclaims its footing and covers the earth which
you labored so hard to uncover.
I'll hang on to those memories, Oh precious memories,
that are like whispers in the wind.
Butterfly Laa Dedicated to my brother who passed away at 16 years old

This is to my mother, who every day for years has visited my brothers grave, in sickness and in health, with relentless love....She has decorated his grave for every occasion, I honor her for that, she is a wonderful faithful Mom, devoted to her children, no matter where they are! It hurt her so when my brother died, but I know now she knows, she has three other children that have loved her for many years... and that won't change.... This song by Eric Clapton, is about losing his young son, and I dedicate it to my mother... I love you Mom, always and forever...

There is a Bible verse that has stayed with me, before he died, and was said at his funeral, they didn't know how special it was to me, and I didn't really until his death how much.... it reads;

1st Corinthians verse 13, 4-7

Love is patient and kind, love is not jealous or boastful, it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Fathers Day, however Mom has something to say!!!

No matter what we cannot forget Mom!!! She is the one that even Pro Football players say Hi to on a national television interviews, even though Dad may have helped to train him ... she is the one that needs the Glory.. this will show you why and is cute and funny!!!

Have a great night, hugs and kisses to MOM and to you all !!!

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's out there!

My Dad, just might have said this... He knew my love of butterflies and of him

This one is for you Dad, although you have been gone for some time now.... always will be in my heart.... Happy Fathers Day

One of my older Paintings

I have not yet placed this one on a disk from the actual painting so it is still blurry, however will, I just have to go do it, however for some wonderful friends I have met will place it here in its less than clear state for them to see!! Hope you can make it out !!! Hugs

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Take a Listen

Who ever you are, where ever you are, if you have family problems, as this young couple Jon and Kate, I give this to you, something to think about... when you feel your not making it, with the one you love... think....think really hard.... Love, Butter

Friday, June 19, 2009

See How well you know World Flags

This is quite fun, and interesting, see how much you know about our worlds flags!!

Jon, Kate Gosselin‎ and Children

This is a song I believe in strongly, have for years, I believe in taking care of the growth and development of young children, lest they suffer ill fates. To my friends this song goes out to as well, for it brings a deep sense of the passion, and strengths of true friendship in its words...

This young family, parents in their early thirties, are facing at this moment with separation, and maybe divorce... pressure of a wife with a quick tongue, and a wandering husband..and cameras in their lives for years, however the children are always the ones that suffer.. You will see it all over the internet, however its a television show for the past 5 years since the sextuplets were born..I will pray for them.

Have a great day .. Butter

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another day in Paradise

I have done another painting, which I will post today with this logged entry. I painted it of a place I frequent as much as I can, and on that fallen tree I sit and watch the sunset, ponder my day, and think up new ideas for my endless passions. With summer beginning to blaze with heat, it tends towards evening to create deep colors in the sky, which seems to reflect the hotness in the air, and usually will be accompanied by lightening storms in the night. That beach has many fallen trees on it, and I find it although its quite cluttered with them, highly unique, and very calming. This tree, although among the many, has its own space, kind of a loner, and it has the best view, a perfect niche to place myself. I hope you enjoy it!

We are having problems aren't we in our country, but one thing I have found is, that the American people have great endurance, and strength, and when the going gets rough we reach out to one another and keep going. Food and gas prices have gone up, and the housing, and Auto industry has declined, however, we keep forging forward. I know all of it has made me much stronger, and determined to make the best of any bad situation, that I or this country faces.

We even have for our entertainment during our many major crisis's, reality shows, one in particular has this country up in arms, probably more than any military arms disputes we have had!! You all can probably guess, but will say the dreaded words... Jon and Kate plus eight! There I said it, not easy but I did.
If you haven't heard of it, your either in the wilderness, or in another country. However, the Nation has had the opportunity to watch a Man and his wife, that had twin girls, through fertility treatments, and decided they wanted just one more child, however ended up with 6 more! For the past five years, from the time the last 6 were born, this country has followed this family, by networks being in their home, with bright lights and cameras 24-7. Know, what seemed to be a good thing, and a loving and happy home, over time has become a nightmare! For years I have studied humans and their behavior... gosh I even took Psychology, but this show, is different, a case study in itself, for what has occurred has never before been done. Its even causing possible new laws to come about shortly, that part I truly hope they hurry on, and it has some of the professional mental health organizations in an uproar. As time goes on will let you know more of this mess...

Posting my painting, have a nice day.....Butter

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi all

I have been doing multiple tasks lately, well rephrase, labors of love, and enjoying every moment of it! I have been writing for various publications online, and have I think at least in my style mastered Gimp.. will show you that in a bit. Also, writing, for myself, one Children's book, and two others, one of metaverse, and one personal one. I have no actual date for these to be released and don't stress on that time-line thing!!! The more I write the more comes out LOL!!! I do have publishers interested though! Some of my art will be display soon in my area!! That is exciting as well! Well I may have not totally mastered it but... so on my way. I have shown a progression of my work, this one was for fun and started it yesterday. I have been asked if its available .. go figure lol! Fun! Its my passion.

I hope all that read this blog bare with me, soon I hope to be able to write more...let me show you this cute or I think so painting, a gimp one... I didn't have a photo in Gimp and rearrange it or something, I just painted this will show with developing snaps of it. Let me know what you think...

Hugs to all, loves from Butter

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lot's going On!!!

Its not often I get to come on lately, I have engagements now going on, however, soon I am presenting some art, that I have been working on in Rl although developing my techniques on Gimp, soon will show one of them!! I wish you all the best in whatever you are doing, take care... will give you lots more info soon!!! Kisses and Hugs to all ...Butter

PS... Have not one book going on now but three.... smiles...see you soon all...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair!!

I don't know if many of my friends realize that I grow my hair very very long, and it takes about 3 years to 4 years tops for it to go from my shoulders to my behind, where I can actually sit on it..I always loved long hair as a child, but with all my curls and it being so uncontrollable as a child, my parents kept it quite short. So when I married, I began to grow it, and would time to time cut it off, but enjoyed all in all having the long hair. When I would drive my dirt bike, I and my husband would go with helmets on,( was the law then to have one) and find the roughest terrain we could to climb, jump and the like. We would then all tired and sweaty find a place to get a water or cola, and I would take my helmet off, hair all wet but it would flow out of this helmet, and would get endless comments such as " Oh my, how did you fit all that long thick pretty hair in that!" I did enjoy the comments! Believe me, it was very hard to get all that hair in that thing!
As the years went on, still enjoying long hair, but finding it harder to take care of on a long long term basis, I tried to figure out an excuse for myself to cut it every 3 or so years. I was told by a friend a few years ago there was an organization called Locks Of Love, where hair is donated to people and especially children with cancer or other diseases that they had to have chemotherapy for and most of the time they end up with no hair. I investigated it and found that I had enough hair to donate! It would help more than one child, being the length and thickness it usually ends up. So about almost 4 years ago now I donated for the first time! It gave me such a wonderful feeling to know that I was helping to make a small child smile, and that a part of me was able to give so much to a young life!
Recently, I donated again, my hair is very short and had tons of hair to donate, and this time I treated myself to a hair color change ... smiles I am now a brunette! It was truly a great day, a spa day with waxing ....ouch!!!, and lots of good treatment! I walked away from the salon knowing again I was helping others, and that is so good a feeling! Will add the website here on the blog to Locks Of Love to see some smiling faces of a few that receive donated hair.... All worth it!!!

Like Rapunzel I let my hair down..... into the hands of Love

Hugs, Butter

Click here for the Locks Of Love Site