Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunshine, what a wonderful day!

The sun shines on me warmly every day,
and it really doesn't matter if its cloudy or gray.

For in my heart, my life is full of light,
with love of family and friends, it shines so bright.

On my walks each day I see natures play,
all the lovely creatures gathering in their way.

They frolic, and work and seem to get along,
and in the trees the birds sing their sweet song.

Spring has sprung, trees becoming full of blooms, and flowers open wide,
their fragrance is so sweet, as I walk on the roads side.

The breeze, is so gently, not yet to hot you see,
so for now it warms my heart, not over heating like what will be.

So, I smile each day, thankful to be alive and enjoying these days,
For this is me, and these are my ways....

What a wonderful Day!

Author Butterfly laa

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