Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nice to be back

I have been away for some time and I thank all the people I care about showing their concerns over the last months through emails, and some in world visits, and for those who just had to wonder for a while where I was. I had to move but it was an awesome adventure and my son and I have really enjoyed our new place!

I have been writing and painting, this one called art supplies is a straight drawing/painting but in a graphic online program, little different than using a brush, tackled this one though with a mouse, along with others I will be showing you in the future! Might invest in a graphics pen one day, however wanted to explore the hardest way first!

About writing..... have a book well into the making now, and might just share a few lines here and there with you all. Feel free to give any input you so desire as well along the way! No completion date as of yet for its been redone and now has turned into a Novel.

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