Thursday, March 26, 2009

Faces of the Sky, by Josina Burgess

Got a landmark from Josina to come see her new project, Faces of the Sky, will place the surl here and will show you a couple pics of it:) I have placed a link to a site about Josina its under the link section to the right of this page! Josina had this to say about Faces of the Sky: When I was experimenting on the Diabolus-Sim with different scripts All of the sudden something happened..
You could say : a "happy accident":)
The textures I used inside a sculpture I was building started to "stream"...
It looked fantastic, and I called Velazquez Bonetto to have a look at it.When I took the sculpture back into my inventory and rezzed it again the scripts didnt do the same anymore
So Velazquez wrote a whole new script that did the job. (in fact he wrote several and they must
be used together)
I was always already fascinated by the Universe..the Galaxy..the Skies..The Planets and I wanted to make something about that
The new Scripts gave me access to what I wanted to make
So velazquez said:" Make Faces of the Sky in your own way.."
I started creating a whole new group of Planets. Not existing but now coming to life in SL.
Velazquez did build the environment for it, a beautiful group of Platforms where the Planets could be on their beautiful own..
Seats lift you up and bring you to them..In the light of the moons (use Midnight) you see the planets in their full Glory and experience a feeling of freedom, being a soul wandering in the galaxy......I am sure you love it. just as I did making them ...
Take care all hugs from, Butter

see it for yourself enjoy

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