Monday, August 24, 2009

The Free Dove, and Romance Park In Scoopwing

I have been in SL since 2006, and when I first arrived as anyone might remember of themselves, we were pure newbs! We had very little anything in inventory, and if we were lucky enough to have someone talk to us, they may have told you as they did me of the Free Dove! Its a free clothing store, done by Palomma Casanova. She and a friend started it long ago, well before I came there! Palomma has good clothing makers create items for us avatars to wear, and they have to be made well enough to pass her inspection! Palomma isn't new to SL she is what I call an elder, been here since 2004, and she knows the ups and downs that can occur in this place we call a second home! You will find her shop, The Free Dove in Gallii, and will give you the SLurl, The Free Dove Store click here!! just copy and paste if it doesn't work correctly!! There has never been a time since coming to SL that, that store hasn't had anyone in it! Thank you Palomma for your wonderful heart felt giving to Second Life New comers and also all of us that have been here for a time!

A little relaxing at the Park

She also created something called the Dove Goddess Romance Park, and will give you an SLur for it, its a relaxing place with many pose balls, good music, calming seas, and more to much more to explain! I can tell you its very well done though, and for Newbies, or even some of us that have been around a while will enjoy.

Come Visit the Park!!

Palomma has a lot going on in SL just check her profile, and you will see!! Thank you again!!!

I as well want to say that love is wonderful for me now!! He and I have enjoyed this little park today! Thank you love!!

Another View of the Park, Enjoy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Painting

I enjoy painting, and I have become very accustom to using my mouse now to paint with! For those who don't know, I use a program called Gimp to produce my work, however, I don't use the program as intended, I don't use the filters just the paint palette and in the tool box the brush sizes, and my mouse. I wanted them to be unique to my style of painting as I do with acrylics on canvas/ art board. I believe I am achieving that, or about to!! A few artists in my hometown have complimented me on my work and are surprised that it can be done. I am still looking forward to working with the college to present my work, and to teach others how to do it! I have some shows coming up soon! If you have any questions you can leave me an offline message, I do receive them from sl into my email. If you don't have access to SL them you can leave a message here and I will then leave you my email address. Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Now where did my boat go...........?

Seeing the economy is so bad, and always trying to save money, I just couldn't pass up this deal for this wonderful little Island!!! Just think of it my view is wonderful, whales pass by all day long, and I have room enough to sit and view them.
I don't have to worry about clutter, thank goodness! I can go swimming at a moments notice! What else could one ask for!! ?? Oh, I know..... hmm where did my boat go!
Well, if you see it let me know, or if your in the neighborhood, say hello, as you go by you can't help but notice me!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Seashore ( I think I have almost broken in my mouse)

Here is the most recent painting I have done. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Midnight Seduction ... SweetRose...

I have known so many people over the years in SL and a few stick out in my mind, the ones that really make a difference in peoples lives. Midnight Seduction is a lovely dance place but what makes it special is people flock here even on a Thursday to dance and talk and have fun!!! That says something about the people behind this very nice place!! Sweetrose Lovenkraft co owner, I have known since 2007, when she was a mere Newbie, but so much life within her! She shows all who come to Midnight Seduction that lovely part of her, with full of life attitude....!!! She is well loved!! Take a look here when you get a chance and have a great time, will be fun!! promise. Catch the fun at Midnight Seductions every Tuesday and Thursday SL time 6pm to 8pm SL time!!

Check out Midnight Seductions here!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little time at the Sandbox

We all need a break once in a while, and the thought of doing a build came to me and off to the sandbox I go. Thinking all the way, how I will enjoy the wide open spaces, the music, and the mere fact I needed a break!!!! As I arrived seemed all were being so creative, and I hoping my rusty fingers still worked!!

I was getting deep into building a special type home only for butterflies, fairies, and the like!! All heck broke out!!! The photos will show the story of that day.... so much for free time...
Mass Death at the Sandbox!!

Into the night!