Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a Chat

Hi to all,

As some or most of you might know I have been in SL since 2006, and have enjoyed it greatly. In the beginning, was searching for the game in all of it, and of course there isn't one. Some residing in world have supplied activities for other residents such as interactives, like riddle games at parks, board games, or competitive sport type ones, the list goes on and on. Its also possible that for some, its a game in itself, those types never finding its true essence, running around causing grief to others, by destroying properties and the like. I can only imagine they are much the same in RL! However, for the most part its a wonderful place to broaden ones creativity, and learn from others, and to give back. To explore the endless possibilities that entities like metaverse worlds can bring. The metaverse world has also given a broader perspective on, education, which in world, real time education is taking place, and also to give a place for those whom for whatever disabilities they may endure a place to enjoy, relax, or feel free to walk, fly, leaving circumstances behind them for a time. It's an honor for me whenever I can to assists these residents!

I have been very fortunate, to have many good friends in SL, and many I am sure will be for a long time to come! Since I have started this blog less than a month ago, I have also made a group in world by the same name, and in its infancy has already 50 members. Its really not so much the size that matters as does the quality of. The majority are SL and RL artists, writers, some are mass builders, which I also consider a form of art. I appreciate all who are in the group and their abilities! I plan to over time, write a little piece on group members that want to participate. The reason for the group is to collaborate as a group for the betterment of the arts and the "metaverse" and "Real Life" worlds.

In the next couple days I will be bringing some very awesome news to the blog! There are a few more pieces of information I need to gather and then will spring on you all! It really has amazed me this news I will be bring. Hope you catch it!

Have a nice day, night ...... smiles,


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  1. I'm glad to be in your list, dear Butterfly.
    Looking forward to see what you're talking about.