Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time To Reflect

I stay busy twentyfourseven these days, however I love every moment of it! Been writing the Novel every spare moment I get, working on developing my arts in many places rl and virtual environments, working with helping people find their way in SpotOn3D as well. There comes a time though, one must just stop and reflect, cool down, take a small gather ones self again before picking up the pace. One way I do that is to meditate to good music and dance in the sun! I reflect on how change can be stressful but out of that comes many good things. Its a drive inside us all that makes us want to strive, to go beyond where we are. I have always had a mad passion to succeed, and I find ways to push myself to the utmost, to where I don't think that I can reach... and final I reach that level, and its an amazing feeling! Then I am ready to go a bit higher.. I reflect on how lucky I am to be able to conquer any situation I am confronted with, maybe sometimes slowly and precisely but I do get through it all! I am very lucky to have the close friends that I have and extended family in the virtual lands I travel, there is nothing like the closeness we share. Exchanging experiences and good times! I am also very lucky to be working doing something that I am good at and love..that cannot get any better! Rest time almost over! Catch you later, oh... soon will have some very lovely stories for yeah!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Does Anyone Really Read This Blog ?

Give me an answer if you do??

Why do so many come here?

Do you have the answers?

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue Flower

Blue Flower by Butterfly Laa

Just playing around with color.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze....Aug 18, 1952-Sept 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Aug 18,1952---Sept 14, 2009

He was a great actor in his time, and much to young to die.. We really do need more research into cancer, it takes to many to young. He was one of the few actors to endure Hollywood's pressures, by being married to the same lady Lisa Niemi from 1975 till his death. They met in 1970, he being 18 and she 14. He starred in many movies but the one that stands out for me is Ghost. It was a very touching movie, even after watching many times! He will be greatly missed by many.. God Bless!

Monday, September 14, 2009

How Fast Things Change

Virtual Worlds are coming and going, and coming again! This video is a year old, however if you follow the news on new worlds, metaverse, environments, whatever you call them, you will know some of the changes that have occurred since this was made.

Will O3D Get Google Back Into Virtual Worlds?
As you know their lively didn't stay alive very long!
Check out what they are doing now,Check out Google possible new world O#D

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Not everyone can say they have two birthdays.. well some of us can. I remember three years ago, I was given a name of a Virtual World and was told that I would enjoy it, they seemed to think I had an Inquiring mind! I had not been what is called a true internet gamer, I spent most of my time in Yahoo chats, which if you have ever done so know that it can be fun, and also trying on ones patience at the same time. Your subjected to whomever,
bombarded with constant IM's with the most common phrase "age, sex and Location, and in that order! These certain Im's seem to follow you no matter where you go as well, doesn't matter what room your in, they just keep demanding it. I put up with it for I had gained many friends on Yahoo, and lasting ones at that! As I say in my Novel that I am writing, it was time for a change...although I still look in on my friends there, I have for the most part moved on!

I had no idea three years ago, that I would be still talking today of this Virtual World, called Second Life. My early days there were not so pleasant, I was thrust from help Island within the first hour by my also curious son, by accident, to spend my next two days wondering in the dark in a swamp. Was about to call it quits when I met what we call an avatar representation of oneself ( Yeah right lol), who at the time was an Angel of light for me! She even had to show me how to click my in world task bar to chat, looking back it was quite embarrassing moment for me. Her name was Maddy and about a year into our friendship she up and disappeared, I will forever be grateful for her compassion that night, she even showed me where to get free clothes and introduced me to some of her friends. Its not easy being a Newbie!

My years in sl Ive had many great adventures and developed many lasting friendships. Its not everyday you meet people from all over the world in one place! I also have discovered so much about myself as well, and I don't think I am the only one who has experienced changes, for me they have been awesome! What makes the SL experience over the last years give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, has been to discover the person next to you dancing is bedridden in rl and, or cannot get out and socialize anymore, and they are having the greatest time! That makes every time a build disappears, or inventory ends up missing, or a loss of friendship occurs in sl a blessed day anyways! We never know who is behind an avatar, so always respect others.

About three and half months into what I first called a game, I had complied lots information, about the people and places in SL. That produced a light bulb moment to write a book of these very creative and sensitive, and some not so sensitive people I had met. During the beginning of January through the end of February of 2007 I had done just over 400 interviews, mind you they were not lengthy, but got the main information that I wanted to know, and that I hoped others would find interesting.

The next coming months changed things a quite a lot, seems most people in SL find relationships, seems many are compelled in some way to do so. I mean deep seeded beyond friendships sort of relationships. I also fell into that category, unbeknownst to me it would last so long, could say almost a two year period..
during which my perspective on writing took a turn. Interest's at the time had turned to Art.. and that is where it ended some time later.

Since Relationships for the most part end in Sl and statistically is almost 99% they do, I am not surprised at mine ending as well. This last year since that occurred, I couldn't be more happy, my rl and sl lives are very good and finally put back into perspective. My book never the less changed, well I tore the old one up, and have rewritten it into a Novel, it will only have fictitious names, so all will have to guess at who you are. I plan to write another with actual names if all are in agreement, we will see! If it gets written will be better than the first I attempted to write.

This is my rezz day, (sl birthday) and spending a bit different this year! I will be attending my SL brother of 3 years wedding! I am extremely happy for him. I hope he and his lady will change the stats on SL relationships! It will be a great evening, probably the best I have ever had! For the compassion and trust of true friendship out weighs all!

By the way I haven't given up on Love LOL ...............Butter

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Place I Go To Think And Enjoy Others

Everyone needs a place where they can think... and for me maybe its not the norm, most find a quiet place where there is solitude. I on the other hand find that same peace among good people! Tends to broaden my creativity, and the place I go to in Second Life does that for me! I would like to say the people there are warm and inviting. Some places in Second Life give the feeling of real world stresses, so much industry, not saying its a bad thing, it provides income for many, and if its their way to make a living more power to them.. People need to as I put it, and it's an old saying to"Stop and Smell the Roses," once in a while! Does the mind, soul, and spirit good!

Because this place is my solitude, if you can find it, then will say hello, however my lips are sealed as to its location at this time!!!! Only one person off my friends list knows where it is, and he is welcome any time! He should know who he is as well!

Been very busy writing, and also helping with a new Metaverse World, called SpotOn3D, and its free to sign up and go in and take a peek! Will shortly do a featured presentation of the goings on and you may see us on Twitter, Facebook, and a few others...Come to a meeting in SL and we can walk you through anything you don't understand or chase away any of those new metaverse world fears! In my SL profile you will find a meeting place in SL strictly for SpotOn3D and the Island name is just that as well!
Just Im me or Tessa Harrington COO of SpotOn. We are looking forward to seeing you!
Location for Information and meeting site of SpotOn3D in Second life




Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Haven't been here much in the last week and a half but promise over the next week will have a few stories I have kept from posting so far.... Been busy writing..

See you soon!