Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi All

Hi, didn't go on SL today worked on the book and some new arts:) However, will tell you I have a passion for SL, the people that have been there a while will know what I mean, its not an addiction really, its a avenue to express yourself in many ways artistically, being able to give to others, a bit of ourselves, and in RL that can be a very hard thing to do on such a large scale, as SL presents. For artists or coming up artists, SL is one of the best ways, to meet other artists, and compare notes, get quick answers, where in RL can you do that, on this scale, would be very hard! In SL are many fine artist, many willing to give ideas and opinions, from around the world!

I personally don't define artist as just canvas junkies but in SL they can explore and do many other forms of art and I really do appreciate many of them. A fact is.. that Sl was built by all of us, each and every inch, and it amazes me! It should amaze all who really understand this Metaverse world, the clothes makers, the builders of wonderful replicas of RL builds, and new ones, the visual, and audio kinetics, and so much more! All this, for most stimulates the mind and soul. Its a good thing, really. So I hope we, the friends I have in Sl and the coming ones in the future, build this place higher and higher, enjoying what time we can with each other! Its a wonderful adventure, and a well added addition to ones life!

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