Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday The 13th Good or Bad ?

Well here in America we deal with Friday the 13th in many ways. Its suppose to be a day of great superstition and many have a terrible fear of this day and the phobia name for this fear is paraskevidekatriaphobia, that name is scary enough, especially for fearful. I usually find out its Friday the 13th the day after, because I am usually planning for my weekend on that day, smiles! But this Friday was different, went to write more on my novel and do a few more transfers of sketches that I had created, and the computer got a virus... a bad Trojan.. lost a few newly created paintings in the program, all in all not to much of anything lost. I will just recreate the ones lost, hopefully better than the ones before! :) So, we reformated and success and reinstalled all and the lucky part was, we got to clean out a lot of junk in the pc, which I suppose you could say it was a lucky day for me! How was this day for you, full of ghost, bad events or a lucky one, like it was for me?

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