Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home is Where the Heart Is

A little meditation after work

Very Pretty Music

Have been pretty busy lately will write a few stories soon.. Hope all are having a great holiday season!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Long Time No See!

Well, believe or not I miss posting here! I have been working rather hard lately in many areas of business and personal life. Today is my stop smoking day, been a long time in the making however it is here. This day is the last day of November 2009, and my youngest son as I have stated in a previous post turned 20 this month so .. I decided that on his birth month would be a good time to stop, its a new era. So if I appear grumpy or unsettled, ramble, curse you, or befriend you, please forgive me now ok ..Laughs.. and in a few days please add me back as a friend lol. I have had this nasty habit and addiction to long. Hugs to all and please don't forget..be easy on me!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009



Please don't give anymore Cat Nip to Rare and his wife...omg

Known King Arthur for a short time compared to SL time but he is a very good King.. if you haven't explored Tiny Empires yet, just Im me or find King Arthur, you can't go wrong. Will show you soon things around the Kingdom, or direct you to him!!
Thank you King Arthur and many more SL Birthdays!!!(rezz days..opps)

Public Art Foundation Sculpture Garden

I have the great privilege to introduce this wonderful Sculpture Garden and Gallery

Graceful Aeon
(One of the Founders of Public Art Foundation Sculpture Garden)
Mention; Voy Lenov also Founder

Maekju 124,14,21 Public Art Foundation Sculpture Garden
Gallery owners are; Graceful Aeon, and Voy Lenov

Curator and Artist; Sandhya2 Patel

Sandhya2 Patel

I have known Sandhya2 Patel,(Sands as I call her) for quite a long time, she is a fabulous Sculptor making prim/ sculpties come alive! You will see some of her work upon entry to this wonderful place.
Some of Sands Work

Sandhya2 Patel Says;
sandhya2 Patel: Graceful is the gallery owner along with voy lenov
They own the land and asked me to make a gallery here
and wanted a place for me to show my work,
and also to be able to present art in many forms here.
There will be all kinds of visual and perhaps musical and other work here in the future. Now i help choose artists to show, so will grace and voy.

Thank you Sands for you wonderful contributions to SL

A chat with Graceful About this Gallery and coming events;

Butterfly Laa: Hello Graceful we met a ways back at an event near Lauks :):) I am wondering if you have anything you would like to say about your Art center here, what is coming in the future?

Graceful Aeon: We hope to get more people involved in donating toward keeping places like this and lauk's open.

We are also planning on seminars and workshops at Lauk's along with the exhibits and music and.. my dream is to host a conference on virtual material culture at lauks. Also with academics, artists, business ppl, communications ppl, lindens on how we determine what to protect here and how to do it. Graceful Aeon: And would you mention our dj, Waartza Quixote, one of the best in sl.

Thank you Graceful for keeping Lauks Nest open and thriving, and good luck with all you doing to keep it so, and also this lovely Gallery Area, letting chosen Artists show their work, its so great!!

First Artist I came upon was Beertje Beaumon, she does some lovely art, you will have to come see what I mean.


Conversation with Artist Beertje Beaumon;

Butterfly Laa: How long does it take you to do one of these? and what inspires?

Beertje Beaumont: it takes about 2 months to make 1 painting, I make the colors myself from powder paint,
and it's all made by hand. She uses material, gems, beads paint very unique art form a must see!!!

Second Artist I visited;
Cat Boucher


Conversation with Artist Cat Boucher;

Butterfly Laa: tell me what has inspired your art form?

cat Boucher: ohh that is difficult to say....i am doing the photos without photoshop. First cos i am too silly to use it and cos i think its challenging to do photos just with the possibilities from sl.

Butterfly Laa: Cat how long does it take you to do one of your photos?

cat Boucher: I can't explain technically but i try sometimes one hour till i have one photo as I like it from the light and so, I use lights I made myself and play with the Environment settings. Or I use a web or something to get an interesting effect. I see something and get inspired ..I seldom have a concept. For example the photos ....inner soul and with the soldiers, I was at the heknwein museum and saw his work, and than I had the idea to use his photos as background. I dont have a special theme its changing and depends on feelings and moods.
Butterfly Laa: your skin and your outfit makes a statement almost like your art :)
cat Boucher: I tried a bit to use also art from others so to speak, for example a friend of mine does skins ...and I need many skins for my work...and she is supporting me ...Lion skins.

Thank you Cat for your Arts!!

Third Artist;
Yanieck Mariani
This artist wasn't available to speak to, however very interesting work!

It was a very wonderful evening at this Event!
Please try to show your support for places like Lauks, its part of SL history! Many good memories become only that when places like this don't exist anymore. So come out and show your support!! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH LAUKS NEST WITH LAUKS NEST NEWS!!

Sometimes you never know who you will run into at these events;
Cheen Pitney
a wonderful Sculptor in SL have known him a long time, we had time to chat for a bit and here is a bit of that LOL;

Cheen Pitney: butterfly eye
Butterfly Laa: Cheen! :)
Cheen Pitney: c'est moi
Cheen Pitney: butterfly eye
Cheen Pitney: did you see that piece in the corner
Cheen Pitney: wonder if it hurts to tatoo an eye
Butterfly Laa: yes I did :) never miss a butterfly piece!!
Cheen Pitney: slippery business I warrent
Butterfly Laa: yes it would lol
Cheen Pitney: hahah
Butterfly Laa: what on earth have you done to yourself?
Cheen Pitney: o this happened a while ago
Cheen Pitney: I think its some kind of sl fungus
Butterfly Laa: it happened ??
Cheen Pitney: it was self inflicted
Cheen Pitney: i'm afraid
Cheen Pitney: hahahah
Butterfly Laa: did yu get bored one day and sculpt yourself?
Cheen Pitney: well I built this thing and then decided to put it on my head
Butterfly Laa: nothing like carrying ideas with you
Cheen Pitney: with this nosey nose sticking out of it
Cheen Pitney: ah that is the inscrutableness of the artist..........oooooooooooeeeee
sometimes I see faces in the shapes
Butterfly Laa: I think I see a nose
Cheen Pitney: yes that is the only non moving thing
Cheen Pitney: other than the fluffball itself
Cheen Pitney: touch it
Butterfly Laa: nothing like it wow
GLOWING FLUFFBALL whispers: Purrrr....
Butterfly Laa: can say you are never be a boring friend :)
Butterfly Laa: oh my lol
Butterfly Laa: that is very cool!!!
Cheen Pitney: its fun
Cheen Pitney: an it hides my bald spot
Butterfly Laa: yeap LOL:)

Come see all the arts, enjoy...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When your youngest is no longer a Teen!

This is my youngest with his girlfriend, they have been together for a year and a bit.
Well less than an hour ago was the 16th of Nov, the day 20 years ago I gave birth to him. I remember the day as though it was yesterday. About 4am in the morning contractions hit me, and by 8:30 am he was born. It was 10 years prior to him I had given birth before so it was like learning all over again, but I got in the swing of things fairly fast! The years looking back flashed by! Now here we are no more teens, that feels good and not so good. Happy to look forward to his future, sad to see past years gone so quickly. I hope his future continues to be bright, and he always remembers to stop to smell the roses along his life's journey, so it doesn't seem to pass by to quickly! Happy Birthday Matthew, Love MOM

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thoughts and some Interesting Facts

This year will soon becoming to an end, hard to believe another is passing so quickly.
Over this year, many wonderful things have occurred, I have met so many good people, so talented, and now good friends. We all have built a very strong community, and enjoyed many good events together.

I also have really enjoyed and continue to enjoy SpotOn3D, this grid/ virtual environment is growing very well, and we will be having a few surprises coming very soon.. that might really catch your ear! We have some top notch Designers in world now, and soon more to arrive. There are up coming events that I will be posting probably in just a couple of weeks or so. On Spoton3d right now we have just done the final upgrade of our Grid to Grid teleporting system, so its very easy to go back and forth to your favorites place with ease. You have to have an account on whatever grid you what to tp to or from. When your in spoton3d look at the top of the map and you will see the grids that you are a member of, just pick the grid and the name of whom you are there and teleport.. that simple.
Soon it will be possible to carry items back and forth with you during this process, however at this point you still would use Second inventory or Meerkat to transport goods to and fro. For those that are selling items on another grid, as well as SpotOn3D, we have something very good for your business. Our Double Dutch system allows you to sell goods on SpotOn3d and then have the same items with no other charges sent to another avatar on another grid. We have plenty of materials for your viewing on the web page at; http://SpotOn3D.com or if your coming in world you will find all that material in our entry area called ETA. We also have someone available almost 24 hours a day to assist your needs, answer any questions that may arise. We also have a mail box at ETA for dropping note cards to us for those rare occasions when someone maybe on a break.
Life takes many twist and turns, however if you keep on the right path good things happen, and we find our way home.. Raven, you know what I mean!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Words of Wisdom...Take heed

This video is from many nations in the United States of America, Indigenous people of America. It is very clear..that this earth is suffering many problems..and if we don't change our way of thinking, of doing, we will not be anymore, its fact. Ask yourself.. what can I do? You can do a lot, its up to us all!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Creatures

This isn't Betsy but a close look alike!

When I was young, my father managed a ranch in a small town in Florida. The Man and Wife that owned the lands spent most of their time up north, taking care of other lands they owned. They however entrusted my father, as a son figure to them, to take care of the some 1,500 acre ranch. It was a lovely place with three homes, we lived on one of them, with white fencing for several miles out lining the place. Contained within these fence lines we had 6 ponds, several horses, cow about 500, chickens, pigs, lots of dogs and cats. There were adventures at every turn for small kids to find, and my younger brother and I were quite good at finding them!

One of my favorite things to do though was to saddle up one of the most wonderful horses you could ever know, her name was Betsy, and so gentle she was. Lot of the horses we used for rounding up cattle, not sure if Betsy did much of that, however she loved to be ridden. One thing about her, she always liked to be first, don't dare let another horse run faster than her, probably due to your bloodline being quarter horse. She and I would travel all over the land there, and I would spend time brushing her after, she also loved a good carrot and a hug after ours ride.

This video reminds me of the spirit of horses, as I knew them when I was young, just thought I would share a small bit of past.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


I have know AM for 3 years now, haven't been able to speak to him much but very much enjoy his installations. If you read this and haven't yet seen what splendid things he does seek his profile under his picks, many of them are there. The work he does is like walking into a fine Art painting, walking into a beautiful canvas, and feeling its essence. Plain and simply he is an extreme artist!
Check out "The Space Between The Trees" here
Met with him today while visiting his latest creation, our conversation was brief, however very pleasant. Along with one of his YouTube features, some photos for you to enjoy. Found that when I was there wanted to stay!! Thank you AM for your awesome work!!

This video will give insight to many of his installations

I will leave the rest for you to go and see, always wonderful work.. always!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Burning Life Elven Style

I get around quite a bit in SpotOn3d and Second Life and a couple other Grids, and in my travels I try to sometimes have a bit of fun...Smiles In Elven lands Burning Life was really very well done, lots of great artisans which will show you some of what I saw!
Don't argue with them!

House of Cards ( I can't do that in RL)

How did they do that? Pretty cool

Walk through 4 levels of light and sound

Representation of the four elements

The Elvenator (Changes you forever more..smiles)

Well there was so much more to see and so many more I could show you, you will just have to attend next year to see for yourself. I will say really enjoyed the fireworks, and many more builds there, met a lot of nice people as well, was a fun filled time.

Tough Junkie

I have known this young man over 11 years now, have seen him over time build awesome career as a Hip Hop rapper, and he continues to climb.. the charts. This man is wise beyond his years, and very dedicated to his artistic rap style. Jacksonville, Florida being his home town, he plays locally as well. Will continue to watch him as time goes on....GO JUNKIE.. and hugs....Peaces

The circumstances which preceded Tough Junkie's manifestation remain unclear. From the information that is available it has been determined
that a culmination of frustrated mental energies and unrecognized talent created the perfect storm for his emergence. So it is said that his birth
occurred in a high school cafeteria, but there is much more to the story that only a few notable scholars have been able to decipher from his lyrics,
unfortunately they soon perished leaving the world still unsure of how this juggernaut's origin came about.
Throughout Junkie's life, music has been his outlet, lifeblood, inspiration and focus. In the late 90's he became fascinated with beat production,
initiating him well beyond music appreciation and fascination and redirecting him towards creation and experimentation. Without access to a
computer, Junkie filled in the missing pieces by incorporating two dual cassette players and a Sony Walkman in what he later found out was a
technique referred to as "Pause Breaking". Continually stumbling upon commonly used and sophisticated production techniques, his infatuation
with creating music grew exponentially. Realizing the importance of music in his life, he continued to educate himself and became familiar with the
technological and structural aspects of production. Although his love of music has no ideology and takes no residence in a single genre, his own
talent and creativity expresses itself through Hip Hop. From the very basics to the sophisticated specifics, every detail oriented to music that he
has studied encompasses the styles he learns, the technology he incorporates and the music he absorbs continually throughout his life.
Spanning over a decade from the beginning of his journey until now, with 43 albums in his past, his official debut album has a home at Colemine
Records (OH). With international exposure, there is hope for a struggling scene that has endured some of the most detrimental setbacks and
obstacles that a collective, in its infancy, can be presented with.
Junkie is proud to present to you his debut album, Grab What You Can. Colemine Records is one of the few outsiders able to recognize the
untapped talent available in this undying scene and Junkie gladly takes the role of humble ambassador eagerly carrying the duty to bring the credit
that is due to his birthplace and to the Hip Hop genre as a whole. Junkie would like to apologize in advance for the mental reprogramming that
entails the continued replaying of his oscillating styles, philosophical story telling and unconventional production you won't find on TV or the
“This album, musically, plunges to levels of hip-hop artistry and aesthetic abstraction that scarce few dare to dive.”
- Jon Bennett, WMSR

314 Regent Drive, Middletown OH 45044, United States
(513) 292-4219 • info@coleminerecords.com
Tough Junkie – Grab What You Can
Artist: Tough Junkie
Title: Grab What You Can
Label: Colemine Records
Cat. No: CLMN 12002 (CD)
Barcode: 845121005516
Release Date: June 9th, 2009

1. A Starting Point
3. Every Dream
4. Hidden Monsters (feat. Piasco Picasso, Mal, Strike 3, and DJ SpaceMikeSpace)
5. FFJB RMX (feat. Willie Evans Jr.)
6. Towel Fight Loser
7. Even More Better (feat. Matt Amburgy on organ)
8. Feel Free (feat. J. Dash and J-Mincey)
9. Splitting Wigs
10. Rhyme Time With Grand Champ (feat. Grand Champ)
11. Even More Recap (feat. Rideout and Matt Amburgy)
12. Hot Line (feat. Knight Krawler)
13. Grab What?
14. Transitions

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Been so many places seen so many things

Hi all

Well its October, and it seems as time goes on that it simply goes faster... seems like the beginning of the year was here not to long ago.... how time flies by.

Many things are going on lately ... I travel many worlds now, in research and marketing, and to enjoy! Well the enjoyments usually come from the connections between people as I meet them on business terms, and all is good in that respect! I meet people from all over the world and in many business structures, some people I meet are good builders or designers, and some are awesome explorers bringing me to events that focus on extreme builds which I will enter here soon, or business design and structures. Some are with huge corporations, or Universities that have much to offer to virtual environments, and have established good connections with. Education has always been a major factor in virtual for me, I believe strongly that it brings more to the students, things that they couldn't do in a classroom and broadens their prospective.

Book and all are going well, arts too!
Will bring more here soon just so busy ...smiles you all know how it can be!!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Medicin for Mother Earth

Something we need right now.....

and to share with someone I really care about..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lora Chadbourne

Come see Lora's contribution to Halloween!Click here to see!
Lora is an awesome builder, her buildings and objects are very well made! I met her back at the beginning of the year, and just recently had that chance to meet up with her again! She has presented some of her awesome works in SpotOn3D, as well as she does in SL.
She has built a very nice Halloween treat for all to see! Awesome sound affects, haunted house amongst the creepy grounds, with frequent lightening strikes so beware, also a Hay ride! On the Island not far from all this spooktacular doings, is her Mayflower, a ship she has built, so take a look if you live through all the rest!


Angel Beach Band Webby Merlin and Friends

When we were setting up SpotOn3D, testing the grid, we needed some other bodies to assist. That is the day I met Webby, she is a fun loving, well organized lady! She would later become our leading lady in the SpotOn3D video.

A couple or so weeks later, I traveled to SL to visit and investigate what this young lady and her friends were up to! I was in for many awesome surprises! They have created a band called Angel beach band, they are a great group that put on show that will hold your attention! Here is a description of what and where they do this!

¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·`♥ ¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

Angel Beach Band takes their musical dancing show on the road!
Formerly only for entertaining the residents of our home sim Angel Beach, we had some requests to "play out" -
so we took the show on the road! Now Playing at all our favorite venues evenutually!

♥ AQOYA DREAMSCAPE, Manager, Keyboards and Vocals (IM me for Booking and Scheduling)
♥ DARIUS KUMSUNG, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Sax
♥ KENSEY McMILLAN, Bass and Vocals, Themed Event Planning
♥ SUZI ROSCA, Gutar and Vocals, Costuming
♥ SLOAN DEXLER, Percussion, Photography
♥ WEBBY MERLIN, Guitars, Midi, Violin and Vocals, Stage Manager and Choreography (IM me for Staging coordination)

PROGRAM: (Request your selected sets when booking thru AQOYA)
We have our own stream where we mix our favorite songs into sets by genre:
POP (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ting Tings etc)
ROCK (Classic and modern rock)
COUNTRY (New country and some classics too)
BLUES (Blues Brothers, Aretha, Etta James, and some surprises)
R&B (Mariah Carey, Eva Cassidy, more surprises)

COSTUMING: (Special requests coordinated by SUZI)
Each set includes a costume change on stage in a puff of smoke to fit the genre. The women pray everything will rez.. the men have the opposite prayer... lol) Each set includes choreographed dancing featuring different members of the band. We can also color coordinate our outfits to a degree to match your club or stage.

STAGING: (Hook up with WEBBY for staging options)
We have our own beachy 110 prim stage which includes tiki torches, banners, rezzed keyboards, a drum riser and a band tip jar.
Set up is done with a rezzer in literally seconds before your eyes, or we can leave our stage up to promote upcoming shows at your discretion.
We can also just rez a few prims for positioning and equipment, and use the venue's stage.

We can call on our volunteer "Dance Crew" for coordinated dancing during the show for additional excitement and stage dressing ;)

THEMED PARTIES: (Coordinate with KENSEY)
We can also do theme nights such as "Leather and Lace", "Cowboys and Indians", "Jailhouse Rock" - We would do a subset of the five genres at your request :)

L2500 - Plus Tips - 1 hour up to 4 sets
L3000 - Plus tips - 1.5 hours up to 5 sets
L4000 - Plus Tips - 2 hours up to 6 sets

¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.· ♥ ¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ ANGEL BEACH BAND - Let's party!

DARIUS and Webby have been together in SL for over two years, and they are such wonderful people, you have to catch one of the bands events...you might not want to leave!!
Landing Point for Angel Beach Band

Not only do Webby and Darius have an awesome band, they have some grand businesses in Sl as well..MoPix Animated Motion Pictures, is one of the largest collections of animated pictures I have seen in sl they are very reasonable in price and very well done its a must see! For Halloween, they have a great selection! Here is a description of the store!

Click here to see MoPix Store!
Welcome to the MoPix STORE!
Created by Darius Kumsung and Webby Merlin

MoPix are Animated Motion Pictures, which are created with NO alpha channels, meaning you can stand in front of one or dance on one.. without losing your hair or outlining the invisi-prims in your shoes!

Each prim contains a proprietary script. You can MODIFY any of your MoPix to CHANGE SIZE or orientation, convert to a tapered prim, or back again... add your own color tints to edges, etc. It has a fail safe mode, if you ever override the main image on accident .... just reset it's script... or TAKE and RE-REZ it and the original textures are restored.

Touch the (i) info prims where you see them for more info on the individual offerings.. located on three floors:

HUD-controlled changeable dance floors!
Change the color tints, the animated textures, the color of the light it casts, and even the
particle display all from your HUD! Click the demo enlarged HUD to play with all the options!
* Rectangular Plain (two sizes)
* Rectangular Woodgrain (two sizes)
* Split Level (four levels)
* Three Rounds

Single Prims also have an unique feature that allows you to change the face where the image appears.
(TRY OUR DEMO!) New Arrivals every week.. we have literally thousands yet to bring to the store!

SEASONAL - Halloween Monsters, Skeletons, Ghouls, Castles, Zombies, Pumpkins - Now thru Halloween!
FANTASY - Fairies, Warriors, Merfolk, Unicorns, Vampires, Aliens, Dragons, Phoenix, Fairy Tale Ships
MOONSCAPES - Real World and Alien Worlds, Space and Planets
SCENIC - Nature, Waterfalls, Waterscapes, Landscapes, Lighthouses, Rainbows
COSMOS - Shooting stars, Skies n Clouds, Planets, Skies, Lightning, Weather, Rainbox
PLANTS - Plants and Flowers
CREATURES - Sea Creatures, Butterflies, Wildlife, Horses, Pets
FIRE - All kinds of images of fire
FRACTALS - Psychodelic, Kaliedescope, Fractal images
RETRO - Psychodelic, Neon, 60's and 70's Art
CLUB - Dancers, Signs, Arrows, Words
MISCELLANEOUS - Items that are cool but don't fit into the other categories
MoPiXXX - Sexy, Erotic
GOTHIC - Beautiful images from the dark side
CELEBRATION - Love and Romance, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Valentine's Day
SPIRITUAL - Religious, Temples
ANGELS - Somewhere between Spiritual and Fantasy :)

HUD-controlled framed and lighted themed picture kits! Four pictures with frames, mattes and shadows,
with 7 images to choose from on your HUD! Change frame and matte colors of the individual pictures to
suit your taste, and add a texture-changeable art light (rezzes and derezes by clicking the frame). Click
the demo enlarged HUD to play with all the options!
Femme Fantasy
Gothic Beauties
Seasonal's (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Pat's, Summer Beaches, Winter, Fall, Spring)

We hope you enjoy them and keep coming back for MoPix ;)

Webby Merlin and Darius Kumsung
Angel Beach

Not only do they do all that they also have T R O P I C A L E S
very gorgeous plants, another must see!
Check out their Tropicales here!! Rentals as well!

¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨(¸.·´ (¸.·`♥ ¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ Secrets of....
T R O P I C A L E S at Angel Beach Southwest!

These 3-prim trees are 20 meters tall, made with sculpties and low lag mega prims, and have no scripts.
Individual trees allow you to create your own one of a kind arrangment to suit your land! Mix with the
foliage for a natural look... each has a different natural looking bark... just 3 prims each!

These photorealistic plants are just ONE PRIM! You can copy it as many times as you like... and stretch it
into any size from tiny table top to 10 by 10 by 10! Rez one... duplicate it and resize and rotate the copy
for natural looking effects!

TROPICALS IN A BASKET - 8 Plant varieties - 4 Basket types - MODIFIABLE and COPIABLE!
I took the leafiest 8 plants from the foliage above and put them in basket pots with some potting soil,
just 3 prims total! Then I added TWO FEATURES to make them that much more special!
TOUCH THE PLANT TOP - Toggles AREA LIGHTING on and off.. try this indoors or out.. great lighting effect!
TOUCH THE BASKET - Becons the FIRE FLIES or chases them away... probably best on the patio :)

Tropicales was inspired by Angel Beach, our home... See every one of them in one sim:
♥ Angel Beach Southwest - Part Shopping, Part Vacation!
(Watch out for falling lava rock, the volcano erupts on the half hour!)

Also see them scattered about the neighborhood:

♥ Sea of Angels - Home of the Angel Beach Band and Bandstand venue!

♥ Angel Beach - Main residental sim with tiki beach houses and neXXus rentals!

♥ Angel Beach West - Lazy Dayz Beach Furniture and more! - See the Tropicales in Indoor settings :)

Thanks for reading.. enjoy!

Webby Merlin
Angel Beach
You can look in Webby's profile for other interesting things they do! Thank you Webby I have really enjoyed!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good to See You!

I know I know its been ages since I wrote in here, but juggling many things, and at the end of the day completely away from the web! Not to say I am not continually planning my next this or that, but time (lack of) seems to get in the way of all I need to accomplish.

I have several stories again planned for the blog, in fact pretty much lined up..and more than likely it will be next week before the posting of them begins again!

All is well in my rl, my youngest son finally obtained a job that he really likes and enjoys going to! That is always a plus, when the final in the nest advances... He also acquired his drivers License, watch out roads!!! Probably biggest thing to him was he and his girlfriends one year anniversary! For me I am still working on my art, my writing is coming along, and really working hard on the new grid, so not much has changed for me, except wish there were more hours in a day, but all things for me are positive!

Want to invite anyone who would like to, to come to SpotOn and visit, we have many who have signed up and coming in, hope to see some more friends soon! One friend and I were talking in my front yard there, and he was teaching me my first lessons in clothes making.. Will show you a photo of just how into teaching he is!!!
Visit SpotOn homepage here!!!

For now all, take care and will send you some good articles this coming week!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time To Reflect

I stay busy twentyfourseven these days, however I love every moment of it! Been writing the Novel every spare moment I get, working on developing my arts in many places rl and virtual environments, working with helping people find their way in SpotOn3D as well. There comes a time though, one must just stop and reflect, cool down, take a small break..to gather ones self again before picking up the pace. One way I do that is to meditate to good music and dance in the sun! I reflect on how change can be stressful but out of that comes many good things. Its a drive inside us all that makes us want to strive, to go beyond where we are. I have always had a mad passion to succeed, and I find ways to push myself to the utmost, to where I don't think that I can reach... and final I reach that level, and its an amazing feeling! Then I am ready to go a bit higher.. I reflect on how lucky I am to be able to conquer any situation I am confronted with, maybe sometimes slowly and precisely but I do get through it all! I am very lucky to have the close friends that I have and extended family in the virtual lands I travel, there is nothing like the closeness we share. Exchanging experiences and good times! I am also very lucky to be working doing something that I am good at and love..that cannot get any better! Rest time almost over! Catch you later, oh... soon will have some very lovely stories for yeah!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Does Anyone Really Read This Blog ?

Give me an answer if you do??

Why do so many come here?

Do you have the answers?

Write me here let me know......smiles!

Leave me a response!


Luvs to all who follow!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue Flower

Blue Flower by Butterfly Laa

Just playing around with color.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze....Aug 18, 1952-Sept 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Aug 18,1952---Sept 14, 2009

He was a great actor in his time, and much to young to die.. We really do need more research into cancer, it takes to many to young. He was one of the few actors to endure Hollywood's pressures, by being married to the same lady Lisa Niemi from 1975 till his death. They met in 1970, he being 18 and she 14. He starred in many movies but the one that stands out for me is Ghost. It was a very touching movie, even after watching many times! He will be greatly missed by many.. God Bless!

Monday, September 14, 2009

How Fast Things Change

Virtual Worlds are coming and going, and coming again! This video is a year old, however if you follow the news on new worlds, metaverse, environments, whatever you call them, you will know some of the changes that have occurred since this was made.

Will O3D Get Google Back Into Virtual Worlds?
As you know their lively didn't stay alive very long!
Check out what they are doing now,Check out Google possible new world O#D

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Not everyone can say they have two birthdays.. well some of us can. I remember three years ago, I was given a name of a Virtual World and was told that I would enjoy it, they seemed to think I had an Inquiring mind! I had not been what is called a true internet gamer, I spent most of my time in Yahoo chats, which if you have ever done so know that it can be fun, and also trying on ones patience at the same time. Your subjected to whomever,
bombarded with constant IM's with the most common phrase "age, sex and Location, and in that order! These certain Im's seem to follow you no matter where you go as well, doesn't matter what room your in, they just keep demanding it. I put up with it for I had gained many friends on Yahoo, and lasting ones at that! As I say in my Novel that I am writing, it was time for a change...although I still look in on my friends there, I have for the most part moved on!

I had no idea three years ago, that I would be still talking today of this Virtual World, called Second Life. My early days there were not so pleasant, I was thrust from help Island within the first hour by my also curious son, by accident, to spend my next two days wondering in the dark in a swamp. Was about to call it quits when I met what we call an avatar representation of oneself ( Yeah right lol), who at the time was an Angel of light for me! She even had to show me how to click my in world task bar to chat, looking back it was quite embarrassing moment for me. Her name was Maddy and about a year into our friendship she up and disappeared, I will forever be grateful for her compassion that night, she even showed me where to get free clothes and introduced me to some of her friends. Its not easy being a Newbie!

My years in sl Ive had many great adventures and developed many lasting friendships. Its not everyday you meet people from all over the world in one place! I also have discovered so much about myself as well, and I don't think I am the only one who has experienced changes, for me they have been awesome! What makes the SL experience over the last years give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, has been to discover the person next to you dancing is bedridden in rl and, or cannot get out and socialize anymore, and they are having the greatest time! That makes every time a build disappears, or inventory ends up missing, or a loss of friendship occurs in sl a blessed day anyways! We never know who is behind an avatar, so always respect others.

About three and half months into what I first called a game, I had complied lots information, about the people and places in SL. That produced a light bulb moment to write a book of these very creative and sensitive, and some not so sensitive people I had met. During the beginning of January through the end of February of 2007 I had done just over 400 interviews, mind you they were not lengthy, but got the main information that I wanted to know, and that I hoped others would find interesting.

The next coming months changed things a quite a lot, seems most people in SL find relationships, seems many are compelled in some way to do so. I mean deep seeded beyond friendships sort of relationships. I also fell into that category, unbeknownst to me it would last so long, could say almost a two year period..
during which my perspective on writing took a turn. Interest's at the time had turned to Art.. and that is where it ended some time later.

Since Relationships for the most part end in Sl and statistically is almost 99% they do, I am not surprised at mine ending as well. This last year since that occurred, I couldn't be more happy, my rl and sl lives are very good and finally put back into perspective. My book never the less changed, well I tore the old one up, and have rewritten it into a Novel, it will only have fictitious names, so all will have to guess at who you are. I plan to write another with actual names if all are in agreement, we will see! If it gets written will be better than the first I attempted to write.

This is my rezz day, (sl birthday) and spending a bit different this year! I will be attending my SL brother of 3 years wedding! I am extremely happy for him. I hope he and his lady will change the stats on SL relationships! It will be a great evening, probably the best I have ever had! For the compassion and trust of true friendship out weighs all!

By the way I haven't given up on Love LOL ...............Butter

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Place I Go To Think And Enjoy Others

Everyone needs a place where they can think... and for me maybe its not the norm, most find a quiet place where there is solitude. I on the other hand find that same peace among good people! Tends to broaden my creativity, and the place I go to in Second Life does that for me! I would like to say the people there are warm and inviting. Some places in Second Life give the feeling of real world stresses, so much industry, not saying its a bad thing, it provides income for many, and if its their way to make a living more power to them.. People need to as I put it, and it's an old saying to"Stop and Smell the Roses," once in a while! Does the mind, soul, and spirit good!

Because this place is my solitude, if you can find it, then will say hello, however my lips are sealed as to its location at this time!!!! Only one person off my friends list knows where it is, and he is welcome any time! He should know who he is as well!

Been very busy writing, and also helping with a new Metaverse World, called SpotOn3D, and its free to sign up and go in and take a peek! Will shortly do a featured presentation of the goings on and you may see us on Twitter, Facebook, and a few others...Come to a meeting in SL and we can walk you through anything you don't understand or chase away any of those new metaverse world fears! In my SL profile you will find a meeting place in SL strictly for SpotOn3D and the Island name is just that as well!
Just Im me or Tessa Harrington COO of SpotOn. We are looking forward to seeing you!
Location for Information and meeting site of SpotOn3D in Second life
GO TO: http://SpotOn3D.com TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!