Friday, March 20, 2009

A little something from the book

As I promised would give you now and then, a little piece of my writings here on the blog so here it is... let me know what you think!

Sitting in her Florida home, chit chatting with friends on the net, BLANK was becoming increasingly restless, chat rooms were becoming full of clique groups and the same ole same ole endless stories, of who was gonna play music next , to lets have a private IM “instant message”, or what is your ASL “age, sex and Location”, for those looking for virtual glorified masturbation with the thought of some hot chic, or guy typing those rise to the occasion words, I like f**king, and constant LOL’s “laugh out loud”. Like a soap, you could leave the chat for a week and swear the same thing was still going on the next time you tuned in. Boredom was her own fault, for in her spare time for several years, almost a decade, she subjected herself to this sometimes mundane activity. This is not to say she didn’t gain many life long friends, and had fun and lots of laughs, however it was time for change...... but what?

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