Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day Off.... or was it?

I planned to write on this blog every day but... yesterday was hmm kind of my day off... but was it?
I think I told you in previous days that I was purchasing a bicycle.. well I did, and I think I mentioned I have been walking a couple miles a day. Well I figured it would be lots easier to ride this bike then to walk, by being a bit faster, so off I went yesterday! The terrain where I live is very hilly, and even though my street name is underhill, I am it seems, at the top of the hill! We had an enormous amount of wind as well. On my way all seemed to go well, didn't have to peddle much and felt as though this was going to be an easy way to run some errands. The breeze going was quite strong but ok, and thought its nothing I can't handle. Shortly into the ride, I began to figure out that it was pretty much down hill all the way! I fought some traffic, but was confident. I reach the bank about two miles away and find its closed, missed it being open by half hour, grrr, not far was a store I needed to go to, and was on my way back, up the hill of course. I didn't realize the wind was coming from that direction, and the fact it was up hill was quite a challenge. Half way to my next destination, I stopped for a rest. Geez, I thought, am I going to make up this beast... I did after some trials get to my next stop. That done, finally the ride home, another mile plus. The bicycle functioned well, doing its job wonderfully, but my performance was not as good, instead of getting tense, I just laughed which added to my situation. For example, here I am in all my bike gear, and on my way home, I happen to run in to what we call in florida, a bunch of motorcycle drivers, I mean hundreds, having what was called "beginning party for survival of bike week". These are smaller parties set up for the event called "Bike Week" in Daytona Beach, where thousands of bikers from all over the USA come together to more or less drink themselves to death, and to party in the streets for a week. It cannot be compared to Mardi Gras, and to understand that you would just have to see what I mean by being there. However, yesterday, I got tons of peace signs, and head nods from these Harley drivers, they almost made me feel a part of it, which made me laugh more, for I was no comparison really to these massive machines. Maybe they just felt pity for me LOL. I give the nod back and continue on my way, only to smell the delicious food they were cooking outside, which made me peddle faster to get home to eat! Now, having been on the bike for almost 30 minutes straight, I reach home, against traffic, massive winds and up hill.
At my doorway I climbed off the bike, my legs almost gave out from under me, and this over whelming tiredness came over me. Must have been adrenaline keeping me going all that way, walking was not in anyway the same as this ride. But it did feel good! I managed to get me and my bike inside, head for my room and collapse on my bed! So... you decide if I had a day off or not! I will give you some comparisons and a couple examples of bikers and their companions "biker chic's" for bike week and well... my simple wheels, I think I get more exercise though .. lol ....Butter

PS copy and paste this to view on the web... will give you a look at "Bike Week" , some of which I cannot display on my blog!!!! They really get wild during this event, see what I mean!

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