Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunset Mar 2009

Been doing a lot of writing lately, and made time to paint this simple painting today. I just imagined being in a serene place, watching the sunset while enjoying the stillness. This is one up for sale if you want it contact me!!

I am purchasing a bicycle today! Been walking about 2 miles a day but wanna go farther faster, LOL...I have some fishing plans for this summer not to far from my home, and will ride the bike there, for exercise and also the view. We usually get Red fish, in the area, trout, sheep head etc, and I love fresh fish!! So wish me luck.

I have been in SL a lot recently... well maybe not a lot compared to what I use to do, but its plenty for me. Just want to tell my friends there in SL .. thanks .. they know what I mean! Good things come those type of people! By the way, met another Novelist on SL we are getting together soon to discuss books!! I also have someone that I am sending a chapter to, so stay tuned, and wish me luck! Love, Butterfly

Got some negative opinions about this pic so changed it to a better maybe sunset lol,
Later... Butter

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