Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lisa's Art Work... presented with love by her mom, Joelle

I met Joelle, this wonderful lady one day while I was looking for a gadget for the Gallery I had. She and I were standing at this place and we began to talk. Come to find out she has a very young daughter, that made art in Rl, and her Mom had placed in SL, because of her love of it!!! Joelle started a gallery called "Summer Dreams" for her daughter! When she teleported me to the gallery that she had established, I was amazed! Will show you some of this young girls art, and her mom in some photos I have taken, and some notes from Joelle, about her daughters art. Also will show you where Joelle has her shop, next to her daughters work. Joelle has started a banner/ gift shop, its very lovely! Enjoy

Hello !!!! I'm Joelle Rodenberger. Thanks for your interest. *~SUMMER DREAMS ART GALLERY~* was born in june 2007 in SL. I opened this art gallery to display the art of my beloved daughter: Lisa. Now she is 13 years old, and she loves drawing.
The paintings you will see in the 2 galleries are from her 8 years old till now, at age 13.
I hope you will enjoy them :o)
All the paintings are modify and transferable, so they can be offered as a gift.
Oh, and a little gift for you , is the Loulou tee-shirt. Loulou is a little elephant, one of the famoust paintings of Lisa :o)
If you like Lisa's art, and want to know about the events and new releases, you can join the group SUMMER DREAMS ART GALLERY, by copy pasting that link in chat and then click on it:
(to copy, select the text, type ctrl c, and ctrl v to paste)
Feel free to IM me if you want to know more about Lisa's paintings.
If you like Lisa's art, tell it to your friends :o)
Joelle Rodenberger

This is the location where Joelle has her shop, and her daughters work displayed, in stores side by side, enjoy!

Click this to see Lisa's work and Joelle's store

This Teleport spot below is in Foxboro, some of Lisa's older work, or I should say younger, she started her ability to draw and paint at 8 yrs old! She is now 13! you might have to copy and paste this one!

This was written by, Questor Llewellyn

She makes jewelry in Sl and wanted to use Lisa's arts to make some, they are lovely and if you get a chance worth your while to see!! Here is what she says:

Recently, I went to a most unusual art show at the behest of a friend of mine. I didn't expect much but upon my arrival I found it to be a fascinating collection of interesting pieces and to top it all off, everything there was made by a 12 year old girl named Lisa, and sold by her mother, whose Avatar name is Joelle Rodenberger.

Several of the pieces made me think of jewelry, especially this piece, Heart in Fire. I mentioned it to Joelle and eventually, This collection was born. (should you wish to view other pieces by Lisa, I have included a LM for the gallery in the box)
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. I have made this jewelry out of mostly sculpty parts, making it extremely low prim but very high quality.

Each piece comes with both a bling and a no bling version, so if you don't like bling, you have the option of not having it. I do urge you to at least try it, however, this bling is very different from what you are used to.

The box is transfer so you should be able to give it as a gift and the contents are mod and copy, giving the eventual owner the ability to copy them and fit them to them just right.

It is a beautiful collection and I am glad to have been able to create it and glad to be able to share it. If you should have any questions about this product, please send me a notecard and I will get back with you ASAP.

Questor Llewellyn

Thanks, Joelle and Lisa

Love you both!!!


  1. Big big hugs from Joelle and Lisa, dear Butterfly.

  2. Nice job
    I want to express my enthusiasm for the Joelle great work, very well made and full of fantasy.

  3. aww, ty Gio :)

  4. Hello joelle i been suprised!!!
    Lisa way to go,you make wonderfull paintigs.
    Its wonderfull painting for a 13 year old girl.
    The paintinig with the owls and specially the collors wwwwooooowwwww nice!!
    Joelle youre shop its great too with the paintings.That's what the word "art" means!!!
    And i looking forward of the next paintings!?

    Greetings and hugs ***Eragon***

  5. ty sweetie :o)))))