Sunday, April 21, 2013

Child Abuse

I try not to have such heart breaking stories on my block like the one I have decided to share with you all.  Its an older story from back in 2007 from you tube.  Its about a small child no more than a year and a half old that was brutally murdered... just for being a child.  The reason I am showing this here is because it saddens me that a little child died needlessly, he simply couldn't defend himself against the terror his tiny body received.  This happens repeatedly in the world.. and the ones who might survive suffer a life time.. This video someone made might be to strong for some to watch, however its a true story, and one I believe we all should open our eyes to in these troubled times in the world.  I just pray to God these terrible acts against children end...If you see a child that is extremely upset or has bruises on them, it doesn't hurt to have authorities look into it.. you may save a life!  God bless you all!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Richard Martin...

 God Bless Martin Richards Family and may he rest in peace, may God heal his mother and sister and help them deal with their injuries..give his father peace in his heart to carry on to be able to heal and help his family through these times.. God bless them.. 

I also pray for the families of the two others who lost their lives as well, and the many who have been injured.  

There is never a reason, ever to take another life.  Through times like this we must try to keep focused on love for one another, and not the hate that terrible people create by killing and hurting others, physically or mentally.  Hate breeds hate...we need to rise above these types of horrible events and try to help those and love those who have been hurt in this tragedy. 

God bless

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Google personfinder/2013-boston-explosions

Click above link to find friends and loved ones of Boston Marathon Explosions

Boston Marathon Explosions

      The Boston Marathon was inspired from the 1896 Olympic games, and the first run was in 1897 being the oldest annual marathon in the world. Spectators and runners from all over the world come together every year the third Monday of April to take part in this wonderful event. This date commemorates the anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.
      The spectacle regularly attracts more than 20,000 participants and 500,000 spectators each year and the final mile of this year's event was dedicated to victims of Newtown shootings. On April 15th 2013 the Boston Marathon proceeded as it has each year, until two devices exploded. Over 100 people were injured, 3 people were killed, one being an innocent eight year old boy who was running to greet his father as he crossed the finish line.
        How do we deal with increasing terror crimes? How do we defend our rights to the freedoms this country has fought for and kept since the early pioneers came to America? Crimes like this are so senseless and cruel, until its my time to pass away on this earth I will never be able to understand the workings of the sort of mind that can do these kinds of things. To me its a cowardly act to murder and injure the innocent, its as though these types of people cannot and don't even love themselves. They stoop so low as to take their own sick ideas and feelings of themselves and of the world to hurt others. My heart goes out to the injured and also the families who needlessly lost loved ones at the marathon. No words can take your pain away at this time, only time and love from all of us can do that. You will be in my prayers.  
     One thing I will not allow is for terrorist, or sick minded people like this to harden my heart, keep me from being all I can be while I am on the earth...To live and love and try to help find answers to the increasing crimes, to never ever give up, that we as Americans will find those answers to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave! God bless you all my heart goes out to you..

Boston Marathon Explosions: Terror at the Finish Line

Boston Marathon Explosions: Terror at the Finish Line: ABCNEWS.COM - At least three people were killed and 130 wounded in two bomb blasts during the race.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Celestine Prophecy

This book was written by James Redfield. Even if you might not agree with his insights, you might find you have experienced some of them yourself! It was hard to put the book down, and I hope you find it enjoyable as well. Below I am entering a video that is pertaining to the Redfields site on their Global prayer project, I believe they have twice a month.. If your interested it contains where to find them.. God bless... be well, happy and safe..

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oldest Computer Found over 2000 yrs old

Check out the oldest known computer .. click here A link to a story about this. Also below is a video of the Oldest Computer.