Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair!!

I don't know if many of my friends realize that I grow my hair very very long, and it takes about 3 years to 4 years tops for it to go from my shoulders to my behind, where I can actually sit on it..I always loved long hair as a child, but with all my curls and it being so uncontrollable as a child, my parents kept it quite short. So when I married, I began to grow it, and would time to time cut it off, but enjoyed all in all having the long hair. When I would drive my dirt bike, I and my husband would go with helmets on,( was the law then to have one) and find the roughest terrain we could to climb, jump and the like. We would then all tired and sweaty find a place to get a water or cola, and I would take my helmet off, hair all wet but it would flow out of this helmet, and would get endless comments such as " Oh my, how did you fit all that long thick pretty hair in that!" I did enjoy the comments! Believe me, it was very hard to get all that hair in that thing!
As the years went on, still enjoying long hair, but finding it harder to take care of on a long long term basis, I tried to figure out an excuse for myself to cut it every 3 or so years. I was told by a friend a few years ago there was an organization called Locks Of Love, where hair is donated to people and especially children with cancer or other diseases that they had to have chemotherapy for and most of the time they end up with no hair. I investigated it and found that I had enough hair to donate! It would help more than one child, being the length and thickness it usually ends up. So about almost 4 years ago now I donated for the first time! It gave me such a wonderful feeling to know that I was helping to make a small child smile, and that a part of me was able to give so much to a young life!
Recently, I donated again, my hair is very short and had tons of hair to donate, and this time I treated myself to a hair color change ... smiles I am now a brunette! It was truly a great day, a spa day with waxing ....ouch!!!, and lots of good treatment! I walked away from the salon knowing again I was helping others, and that is so good a feeling! Will add the website here on the blog to Locks Of Love to see some smiling faces of a few that receive donated hair.... All worth it!!!

Like Rapunzel I let my hair down..... into the hands of Love

Hugs, Butter

Click here for the Locks Of Love Site

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