Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Has Come to Florida

By chance, in my youth my family brought me to this place called Florida, then I didn't realize how hot things were lol... and thanks to Global warming.. we are very hot in Florida! However warm it gets here though, the awesome sunsets, the ebbing tide washing against your feet to the Atlantic makes it well worth it! It brings warmth to my heart and soul...since I and my son have moved from another part of town recently, we are so close to the ocean, and its tributaries. We have marshlands, with fiddler crabs wandering, seems aimlessly amongst their sand dwellings. The endless amount of seagulls flutter above our heads waiting for the food we bring them........( by the way I got pooped on by one on my hand lol)... laughing..thank God it wasn't my head.. We are also near lakes with many types of creatures within, turtles, ducks, geese, fish of many types.. and more..SNAKES. eeks!! I love them all, we take bread to them the turtles fight endlessly among baby fish, or middles size ones for it. We even had one turtle come to shore and demand it right from my sons hand.. that was so cool!! Darn.. didn't have my camera that time! However its ever so etched in our minds,, Matt even says he loves all we do now! I smile at him and agree! We recently bought a duel hand held kite for him to try, I said, " you sure you can handle this?" He replies, "Yeah, I can do it!" We get to the ocean and it goes up and dive bombs the ground about a hundred times,, we shortly there after take back to the store..:) We then get another that looks like a tri-winged plane, a bit to put together but we do and off we go to the beach again.. I was tense just watching him try.. laughing where he cannot see:) We soon go back to the store.. for a replacement. These kites where not made of plastic, but strong nylon, we couldn't figure why they wouldn't fly we read all and did all the manufacture said.. so... in the end he ends up with a very inexpensive plastic kite.. and HEY IT WORKS!!! YEAH! All in all was a wonderful time,, we enjoyed.. soon will let you know if your interested, what is up !! Later.... Butter.. and Son! PS Don't let anything take you from family, it comes first!

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