Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another day in Paradise

I have done another painting, which I will post today with this logged entry. I painted it of a place I frequent as much as I can, and on that fallen tree I sit and watch the sunset, ponder my day, and think up new ideas for my endless passions. With summer beginning to blaze with heat, it tends towards evening to create deep colors in the sky, which seems to reflect the hotness in the air, and usually will be accompanied by lightening storms in the night. That beach has many fallen trees on it, and I find it although its quite cluttered with them, highly unique, and very calming. This tree, although among the many, has its own space, kind of a loner, and it has the best view, a perfect niche to place myself. I hope you enjoy it!

We are having problems aren't we in our country, but one thing I have found is, that the American people have great endurance, and strength, and when the going gets rough we reach out to one another and keep going. Food and gas prices have gone up, and the housing, and Auto industry has declined, however, we keep forging forward. I know all of it has made me much stronger, and determined to make the best of any bad situation, that I or this country faces.

We even have for our entertainment during our many major crisis's, reality shows, one in particular has this country up in arms, probably more than any military arms disputes we have had!! You all can probably guess, but will say the dreaded words... Jon and Kate plus eight! There I said it, not easy but I did.
If you haven't heard of it, your either in the wilderness, or in another country. However, the Nation has had the opportunity to watch a Man and his wife, that had twin girls, through fertility treatments, and decided they wanted just one more child, however ended up with 6 more! For the past five years, from the time the last 6 were born, this country has followed this family, by networks being in their home, with bright lights and cameras 24-7. Know, what seemed to be a good thing, and a loving and happy home, over time has become a nightmare! For years I have studied humans and their behavior... gosh I even took Psychology, but this show, is different, a case study in itself, for what has occurred has never before been done. Its even causing possible new laws to come about shortly, that part I truly hope they hurry on, and it has some of the professional mental health organizations in an uproar. As time goes on will let you know more of this mess...

Posting my painting, have a nice day.....Butter

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