Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What was your favorite childhood song?

Here is mine!!!

Oh my don't let me forget this one... children can have two favorites!!!!! LOL

What was your favorite Teen songs.. Mine was, Diana Ross and the Supremes, I loved how she would sing.. looking back seems she sang a lot of sad songs lol, however, to me the rhythm, and Diana's great voice, I suppose just erased all that sad stuff.. :) My to be husband, unbenounced to me at the time...:) we were dating and he would go out to sea, due to being in the Navy, and be gone here and there.. and I would listen to these songs.. Somehow they made me happy!!!

Then, later when I was married, Ms. Diana was on her own and ohhh my what a singer... and I liked this one, however, all her songs were always good!

As time went on, Diana had some years, I can remember she would cry through songs, such a sensitive heart this lady has, this is a tribute for Marvin Gaye....from her

When I got a bit older... :):) there became another part of me to be exposed, my husband ( no longer married) brought home an album... Bat out of Hell... and even though this isn't the original ( In this video, the band is a lot older ..) but one of my older not teen years songs and music by Meat Loaf.. ( Gosh Hungry now lol) The album was very theatrical, and at the time loved my dance classes, Jazz and even though a bit different for me I loved it! Can anyone out there tell me what it is he wouldn't do in for love? I to this day don't know... Let me know if you do please... thank you early on.. I know someone out there has the answer!!!

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