Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi all

I have been doing multiple tasks lately, well rephrase, labors of love, and enjoying every moment of it! I have been writing for various publications online, and have I think at least in my style mastered Gimp.. will show you that in a bit. Also, writing, for myself, one Children's book, and two others, one of metaverse, and one personal one. I have no actual date for these to be released and don't stress on that time-line thing!!! The more I write the more comes out LOL!!! I do have publishers interested though! Some of my art will be display soon in my area!! That is exciting as well! Well I may have not totally mastered it but... so on my way. I have shown a progression of my work, this one was for fun and started it yesterday. I have been asked if its available .. go figure lol! Fun! Its my passion.

I hope all that read this blog bare with me, soon I hope to be able to write more...let me show you this cute or I think so painting, a gimp one... I didn't have a photo in Gimp and rearrange it or something, I just painted this will show with developing snaps of it. Let me know what you think...

Hugs to all, loves from Butter


  1. Hey :-D The kitties are so cute. Very well done, Butter <3 Also cool to see a bit of the process.

  2. Thank you Dakotah, will show more of those things in the future, stay in touch k!!

  3. Oh by the way Dakotah, I have hmm about 20 progressive pictures, saving as I go, because when I started this one, got so involved I forgot to save, and the program stopped, had to reboot and lost most of it except for the dark kitten...grrr Could probably make a film of the pics I have of this to make a movie LOL