Friday, June 26, 2009

Tornado Today!

Hi all, today about 5pm we had what most thought was a waterspout on the St Johns River in Jacksonville.. It actually started over land and went to the water and back to land again, making it actually a Tornado! There we no injuries reported due directly to the storm itself, however due to heavy rains, there were a few car accidents, and thank goodness no reported fatalities. Several people in town, had cell phones with cameras and got some excellent shots of the Tornado. Will put a link to one of our local news channels on here so you can view what many are calling some award winning shots of this impressive storm. One gentlemen got a photo of inside the funnel as it passed briefly the second time over land, he stated, he couldn't hear the train sounds, just sounds of garbage cans, screen doors and other debris flying past him. It's something you don't see everyday and live to tell about it!! If you follow the link I have placed here you will see, his photo as well, as many really good ones! See you later, Butterfly


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