Monday, April 6, 2009

Marleen Vaughan/ Polly Jean Sim Owner

Marleen has been in SL for as long as her profile will allow me to view, it states she came aboard in 2005, that is a long time to be here!!! This lady has an awesome Sim, its a business Sim, with store owners, like many, but what makes this sim different is, the stores are life like replicas, of helmets, cupcakes, records, and so on... very creative! Reminds me of the Greenies sim actually, in many ways!! The stores are not only created by Marleen but by the store owners themselves, she has some as well!! Here is a conversation or part of it that we had about this Sim,,,

Marleen I like your Sim.... will post something on my blog.
Marleen Vaughan: thank YOU ;)
Butterfly Laa: did you know the greenies ? reminds me of their things?
Marleen Vaughan: yesss :) i just like odd little shops :)
Marleen Vaughan: each of the "Unique" shops is based on a design or something inspired directly with the designer
Marleen Vaughan: i like it because it makes this surreal canvas
Marleen Vaughan: thank the designers :) they are the muse/inspiration/urge overkill :)

Marleen Vaughan: yeah.. we are silly beyond belief!
Butterfly Laa: yes you all are !!!
Butterfly Laa: you bring alot of life to Second life !!!!
Butterfly Laa: Thank you
Butterfly Laa: I am suprised if you tell me you havent contributed to the greenies place
Marleen Vaughan: no no. i haven't.
Marleen Vaughan: really the sim is run by three people
Marleen Vaughan: my rl/sl boyfriend, Bakersfield Kidd who manager Pleansantville - our residential area.
Marleen Vaughan: and then Zedellbee Zuhal, who owns BLONDE
Marleen Vaughan: sooo. we all work together
Butterfly Laa: that is awesome
Marleen Vaughan: it's really fun :)

She is a designer in real life for the racing industry, but in Sl for Women !!!!

Thank you Marleen for your contributions to Second life:):)

Here are some pictures, just a few .... Hugs Marleen!!

Click here to see!!

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