Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just touching base

Hi all

Been really busy between the Novel and helping Tessa Harrington, I am maxed out busy...I know I should write every day but... if in my shoes you might know why I haven't!!

We appreciate all the people who have come to the meetings for SpotOn3D... I know they have been informative meetings and it's going to be a great Grid!!! Many of you being major contributors in Sl, in design, we thank you for taking the time to see what is offered!

No one, even myself will ever fully leave SL, just think of SpotOn3D as your home or a place to go do business, or play, and be able to go back and forth. Most of my time likely will be in that world, but SL was my first home, and will visit when I can!

We have a lot of information for all if you want to see...and you can get a chance to go in the grid and explore a bit, get the feel of it. Remember its still an infant...there will be glitches and some minor problems but all in all it runs very smooth!

There is an awesome team of people working diligently to bring this Grid alive!
It will probably open sometime in May, if all goes well!

If anyone wants a self guided or guided tour of the grid please email at: (to request a sneak peek ) It will be worth your while!

Will post some of the Novel soon just a peek!! Hugs all ... Butter

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