Friday, April 17, 2009

Dakota Yue

Met Dakota about a year ago at the Gallery that I use to have. She is a lovely lady and full of fun and zest, and always curious as to what is going on next in SL. She loves art and people, and travels SL learning what new things are around the corner!

She was born into Sl Jan 3rd of 2007 and that began her journey.... she has a large Flickr photostream, of her travels and interesting things she has seen and done.

Not only does this artistic lady do great photos, she also has dabbled in Machinima, and is quite good at it will place some of them here on the blog. Unfortunately you tube keeps taking the music from some of the videos she has done so I cannot promise music to them when you get a chance to read this but it will give you an idea of her ability!!

The sketch of Dakota I will place on the blog was done for her by an Artist called Aliza Rascon, hope you enjoy and Dakota thank you for your work, keep up the travels and bring us more....please

Will place her Flickr Photostream link to the list on the right of this page!

Hugs,,,, Butter