Thursday, October 22, 2009

Been so many places seen so many things

Hi all

Well its October, and it seems as time goes on that it simply goes faster... seems like the beginning of the year was here not to long ago.... how time flies by.

Many things are going on lately ... I travel many worlds now, in research and marketing, and to enjoy! Well the enjoyments usually come from the connections between people as I meet them on business terms, and all is good in that respect! I meet people from all over the world and in many business structures, some people I meet are good builders or designers, and some are awesome explorers bringing me to events that focus on extreme builds which I will enter here soon, or business design and structures. Some are with huge corporations, or Universities that have much to offer to virtual environments, and have established good connections with. Education has always been a major factor in virtual for me, I believe strongly that it brings more to the students, things that they couldn't do in a classroom and broadens their prospective.

Book and all are going well, arts too!
Will bring more here soon just so busy ...smiles you all know how it can be!!



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