Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time To Reflect

I stay busy twentyfourseven these days, however I love every moment of it! Been writing the Novel every spare moment I get, working on developing my arts in many places rl and virtual environments, working with helping people find their way in SpotOn3D as well. There comes a time though, one must just stop and reflect, cool down, take a small gather ones self again before picking up the pace. One way I do that is to meditate to good music and dance in the sun! I reflect on how change can be stressful but out of that comes many good things. Its a drive inside us all that makes us want to strive, to go beyond where we are. I have always had a mad passion to succeed, and I find ways to push myself to the utmost, to where I don't think that I can reach... and final I reach that level, and its an amazing feeling! Then I am ready to go a bit higher.. I reflect on how lucky I am to be able to conquer any situation I am confronted with, maybe sometimes slowly and precisely but I do get through it all! I am very lucky to have the close friends that I have and extended family in the virtual lands I travel, there is nothing like the closeness we share. Exchanging experiences and good times! I am also very lucky to be working doing something that I am good at and love..that cannot get any better! Rest time almost over! Catch you later, oh... soon will have some very lovely stories for yeah!!

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