Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good to See You!

I know I know its been ages since I wrote in here, but juggling many things, and at the end of the day completely away from the web! Not to say I am not continually planning my next this or that, but time (lack of) seems to get in the way of all I need to accomplish.

I have several stories again planned for the blog, in fact pretty much lined up..and more than likely it will be next week before the posting of them begins again!

All is well in my rl, my youngest son finally obtained a job that he really likes and enjoys going to! That is always a plus, when the final in the nest advances... He also acquired his drivers License, watch out roads!!! Probably biggest thing to him was he and his girlfriends one year anniversary! For me I am still working on my art, my writing is coming along, and really working hard on the new grid, so not much has changed for me, except wish there were more hours in a day, but all things for me are positive!

Want to invite anyone who would like to, to come to SpotOn and visit, we have many who have signed up and coming in, hope to see some more friends soon! One friend and I were talking in my front yard there, and he was teaching me my first lessons in clothes making.. Will show you a photo of just how into teaching he is!!!
Visit SpotOn homepage here!!!

For now all, take care and will send you some good articles this coming week!

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