Sunday, November 22, 2009

Public Art Foundation Sculpture Garden

I have the great privilege to introduce this wonderful Sculpture Garden and Gallery

Graceful Aeon
(One of the Founders of Public Art Foundation Sculpture Garden)
Mention; Voy Lenov also Founder

Maekju 124,14,21 Public Art Foundation Sculpture Garden
Gallery owners are; Graceful Aeon, and Voy Lenov

Curator and Artist; Sandhya2 Patel

Sandhya2 Patel

I have known Sandhya2 Patel,(Sands as I call her) for quite a long time, she is a fabulous Sculptor making prim/ sculpties come alive! You will see some of her work upon entry to this wonderful place.
Some of Sands Work

Sandhya2 Patel Says;
sandhya2 Patel: Graceful is the gallery owner along with voy lenov
They own the land and asked me to make a gallery here
and wanted a place for me to show my work,
and also to be able to present art in many forms here.
There will be all kinds of visual and perhaps musical and other work here in the future. Now i help choose artists to show, so will grace and voy.

Thank you Sands for you wonderful contributions to SL

A chat with Graceful About this Gallery and coming events;

Butterfly Laa: Hello Graceful we met a ways back at an event near Lauks :):) I am wondering if you have anything you would like to say about your Art center here, what is coming in the future?

Graceful Aeon: We hope to get more people involved in donating toward keeping places like this and lauk's open.

We are also planning on seminars and workshops at Lauk's along with the exhibits and music and.. my dream is to host a conference on virtual material culture at lauks. Also with academics, artists, business ppl, communications ppl, lindens on how we determine what to protect here and how to do it. Graceful Aeon: And would you mention our dj, Waartza Quixote, one of the best in sl.

Thank you Graceful for keeping Lauks Nest open and thriving, and good luck with all you doing to keep it so, and also this lovely Gallery Area, letting chosen Artists show their work, its so great!!

First Artist I came upon was Beertje Beaumon, she does some lovely art, you will have to come see what I mean.


Conversation with Artist Beertje Beaumon;

Butterfly Laa: How long does it take you to do one of these? and what inspires?

Beertje Beaumont: it takes about 2 months to make 1 painting, I make the colors myself from powder paint,
and it's all made by hand. She uses material, gems, beads paint very unique art form a must see!!!

Second Artist I visited;
Cat Boucher


Conversation with Artist Cat Boucher;

Butterfly Laa: tell me what has inspired your art form?

cat Boucher: ohh that is difficult to say....i am doing the photos without photoshop. First cos i am too silly to use it and cos i think its challenging to do photos just with the possibilities from sl.

Butterfly Laa: Cat how long does it take you to do one of your photos?

cat Boucher: I can't explain technically but i try sometimes one hour till i have one photo as I like it from the light and so, I use lights I made myself and play with the Environment settings. Or I use a web or something to get an interesting effect. I see something and get inspired ..I seldom have a concept. For example the photos ....inner soul and with the soldiers, I was at the heknwein museum and saw his work, and than I had the idea to use his photos as background. I dont have a special theme its changing and depends on feelings and moods.
Butterfly Laa: your skin and your outfit makes a statement almost like your art :)
cat Boucher: I tried a bit to use also art from others so to speak, for example a friend of mine does skins ...and I need many skins for my work...and she is supporting me ...Lion skins.

Thank you Cat for your Arts!!

Third Artist;
Yanieck Mariani
This artist wasn't available to speak to, however very interesting work!

It was a very wonderful evening at this Event!
Please try to show your support for places like Lauks, its part of SL history! Many good memories become only that when places like this don't exist anymore. So come out and show your support!! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH LAUKS NEST WITH LAUKS NEST NEWS!!

Sometimes you never know who you will run into at these events;
Cheen Pitney
a wonderful Sculptor in SL have known him a long time, we had time to chat for a bit and here is a bit of that LOL;

Cheen Pitney: butterfly eye
Butterfly Laa: Cheen! :)
Cheen Pitney: c'est moi
Cheen Pitney: butterfly eye
Cheen Pitney: did you see that piece in the corner
Cheen Pitney: wonder if it hurts to tatoo an eye
Butterfly Laa: yes I did :) never miss a butterfly piece!!
Cheen Pitney: slippery business I warrent
Butterfly Laa: yes it would lol
Cheen Pitney: hahah
Butterfly Laa: what on earth have you done to yourself?
Cheen Pitney: o this happened a while ago
Cheen Pitney: I think its some kind of sl fungus
Butterfly Laa: it happened ??
Cheen Pitney: it was self inflicted
Cheen Pitney: i'm afraid
Cheen Pitney: hahahah
Butterfly Laa: did yu get bored one day and sculpt yourself?
Cheen Pitney: well I built this thing and then decided to put it on my head
Butterfly Laa: nothing like carrying ideas with you
Cheen Pitney: with this nosey nose sticking out of it
Cheen Pitney: ah that is the inscrutableness of the artist..........oooooooooooeeeee
sometimes I see faces in the shapes
Butterfly Laa: I think I see a nose
Cheen Pitney: yes that is the only non moving thing
Cheen Pitney: other than the fluffball itself
Cheen Pitney: touch it
Butterfly Laa: nothing like it wow
GLOWING FLUFFBALL whispers: Purrrr....
Butterfly Laa: can say you are never be a boring friend :)
Butterfly Laa: oh my lol
Butterfly Laa: that is very cool!!!
Cheen Pitney: its fun
Cheen Pitney: an it hides my bald spot
Butterfly Laa: yeap LOL:)

Come see all the arts, enjoy...

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