Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Creatures

This isn't Betsy but a close look alike!

When I was young, my father managed a ranch in a small town in Florida. The Man and Wife that owned the lands spent most of their time up north, taking care of other lands they owned. They however entrusted my father, as a son figure to them, to take care of the some 1,500 acre ranch. It was a lovely place with three homes, we lived on one of them, with white fencing for several miles out lining the place. Contained within these fence lines we had 6 ponds, several horses, cow about 500, chickens, pigs, lots of dogs and cats. There were adventures at every turn for small kids to find, and my younger brother and I were quite good at finding them!

One of my favorite things to do though was to saddle up one of the most wonderful horses you could ever know, her name was Betsy, and so gentle she was. Lot of the horses we used for rounding up cattle, not sure if Betsy did much of that, however she loved to be ridden. One thing about her, she always liked to be first, don't dare let another horse run faster than her, probably due to your bloodline being quarter horse. She and I would travel all over the land there, and I would spend time brushing her after, she also loved a good carrot and a hug after ours ride.

This video reminds me of the spirit of horses, as I knew them when I was young, just thought I would share a small bit of past.

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