Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reno Segall A Great Singer/Song Writer

I have known Reno for sometime now, been to some of his events, and have always wanted to do a story on this fantastic singer! There are singers and then there are SINGERS, and Reno will capture any audience's attention that comes to see him. He loves to please his fans by taking requests during his shows, so come with your favorite song in mind he sings Classic Rock/Country/80s/Blues/Ballads & Oldies.

I had the pleasure seeing him again at Tantalus an awesome venue for live performances, in speaking with the manager/hostess of Tantalus, Jadyn Andel she gave some more information about this great venue;

Yeah, I know, another club, blah blah blah, but you have to see this one, at least once!
Tantalus originally opened in December 2006, we will celebrate 4 years in 2010.
This is not your typical dark, dank, dungeon. It's called Tantalus.
The theme is set as a Greecian ruin, surrounded by water, it is big and spacious.
The ruins are open to the magnificent sunsets over open water. Poseidon would love this place!
One of his concerts at Tantalus;

Live Music every Monday 9am-12pm and every Tuesday 4pm-6pm. With the likes of Reno Segall,Lou Mannock and Yahshvah Shinja taking the stage regular.
Free L$ in the Zyngo,ball sploder,skill sploder and contests with themed events are ongoing weekly.
So, come visit Tantalus!
Owners: Bubbles Lurra and Pleasurekitty Sorbet.
Host/Mgr: Jadyn Andel

Meet Jadyn Andel Hostess and manager of Tantalus
Fusion Worlds, Tantalus outdoor stage come see click here! Catch Reno playing here every Monday at 9 am

He has been singing for over 20 years in real life being the lead singer and musician in different bands, having the opportunity to do so around the USA. Reno was born to sl 4/11/2008, and traveling SL in much the same way has he has in real life, with the ability to put his own originality into each and every song he sings. Reno has an up beat personality which really makes for an exciting time at whatever venue he plays.

Reno has several songs on cd for your listening pleasure in SL;
follow this slurl to find them !!!!
Reno's cd's found here

1. Love Songs From The Heart - Love is in the air
Home, Amazed, Don't Close your Eyes
2. 70 's Classic - Chevy Van, Born On The Bayou,
Born On The Bayou, Born On The Bayou, Gimme Three Steps, Sister Golden hair 3. Rockin To The Oldies - Dream Lover, Great Balls Of Fire, Lost in The Fifties Crocodile Rock, Poison Ivy
4. Return To Memphis - Little Sister, Burnin Love, Heartbreak Hotel
5. Country Fried - Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On, Honky Tonk Woman, Whiskey Girls, Real Good Man
6. The One - Reno Segall Original
7. Slow Groove - Nobody, Freak Me, You Can Leave Your Hat On, Fever
Price - ** 500 L each or all 7 for 3000 L **
Also here at Whiskey Island you will find the stage
come here to dance and hear the great music

While I found Chicken world Whiskey Island, kind of the home base you might say for Reno ran into co-owner Baby Pacer also Reno's asst manager, and sadly didn't get to meet Delisicous Sorbet also co-owner and manager, however Baby Pacer was able to provide me with some schedules that Reno plays here,
Baby Pacer: "yes he sings twice a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 am here and every other Thursday he does a Elvis show here with his elvis av" ....and above slurl you will find that stage:)
Meet Baby Pacer Reno's asst manager and co-owner of Chicken World Whiskey Island

Anita's Sl Concert where Reno played
You can view Reno's entire Sept Schedule right here.....


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