Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cummer museum of Fine Arts

Click here to see the Cummer Museum and Gardens

Hi everyone, this time of year when the weather begins to cool...... well slightly cooler lol, I love getting out more and doing a few things. One of my favorite places in Jacksonville to go to is the Cummer Museum. It was built in 1959, long before I discovered and it is the largest museum of fine art in Northeast Florida, housing about 5,000 pieces of work. It not only houses these fine pieces and several other forms of art, its landscapes are to die for. You can go outside to the lovely gardens that runs along the St Johns river, where many a wedding has been performed, or as I do just sit after a long walk through the museum to have some lunch.

The museum also has a learning center, which young and old can enjoy. So.... will send you a link letting you know where I have last been in Jacksonville, and if your ever in the neighborhood you might just know where to find me!! I hope to be back soon writing as usual lately real life has called me again... tc and enjoy

Click here, Take a ride on the Annabelle Lee River Boat

After a long day at the Cummer Museum, take a ride on the Annabelle Lee River Boat its wonderful to travel on the tour trips, you can also reserve for Weddings, Reunions, or just to party! I took my sons long ago on a sightseeing ride on the Annabelle and on that trip was a magic show... they loved it. Now a days I take trips on it just to feel the fresh breeze and the lovely lands along the St Johns River.

Finally if you cannot get on the Annabelle for any reason we do have many water taxi's and for a small amount of money he/she will take you all around the river! Nice ride fun place to meet people also!

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