Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mankind Tracer Catch his tunes in SL!!

One of the art groups I belong to sent out a invite to come enjoy some rock music, sang by Mankind Tracer in Second Life. Mankind voice and guitar rocked Key West Island in SL and believe me the place was packed to hear this man! He is a great singer so if your running about sl looking for something to do you won't be disappointed in Mankind Tracer's music. He has been in SL since 11/9/2006, almost as long as I have, goes to show you how large SL is .... I found this in his profile about him;

"Favorite Live Musician 09 & Best Live SL Performer 08 from BOSL & Vain, Inc 08 Readers Choice Award for Best SL Live Musician.

Since 11/06, Im a solo rock live musician touring presently around all of SL. My act is me & an acoustic playing the best Rock covers from the 60's forward as well as my originals.

Join the Friends of Mankind Group for gig notices & news.


He is on facebook and a view other sites I will also list them for you, he invites anyone that wants to join to do so, check these sites out when you get a chance. If you don't go to SL you might be able to catch his music on one of these!

Click these below to see more about Mankind Tracer on other sites!
Mankind Tracer-second-friends
Mankind tracers site
Mankind on flickr
Mankind Tracer on Youtube
Here he is on Facebook
Mankinds myspace

I found the concert to be very well done, this man has a voice to be heard for sure! Loved his voice the way he plays his guitar and also the way he attends to his audience! I wasn't able to fully interview him at this time, but look forward to following his doings.


Thank you Mankind Tracer for the great music!!!!I really enjoyed it!!!!
Also saw some friends there as well, one was Webby of Angel Beach!! TC All till next time!

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