Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi All!
Since my mothers passing, and new laptop been traveling SL and things are so wonderful thought they were before but this laptop sheds a new light on things with up to date graphics! A shame I never had them in the past but glad I do now. In my adventures I have run across some awesome people! In places and situations I would least expect to meet them. One of these awesome people I meet was Izabella Criss, and let me just say it was one of those unusual situations! In meeting her we became friends, and I got to see what her and Leo Voorhees have created at MalPais Beach, Costa Rica, a nice place to see live entertainment, shop and more, located on a beautiful beach.

As a result of that meeting was an invite to a concert by Bobby Longspring, a new singer in Second Life, playing at the MalPais Beach, a great singer in SL, who in real life has been singing since the age of 11 in church and from there he sang in shows, even singing in his home town under a gazebo for many people. He loves to sing a variety of country from oldies to new modern country! His favorite artists are Trace Adkins and the Zac Brown band. Bobby Longspring stream His Fee per show is 2000L and feel free to tip him and the venues he will play at!

Singing a variety of music Bobby's first love remains country music. "When Bobby sings everyone stands up and takes notice! His jaw dropping vocals will send your emotions spinning and leave you wanting him to just keep singing and never stop." If you would like to book Bobby Longspring please contact: Maxine Segall, she will be able to assist you!

From my personal perspective I know when I hear a professional and this man is very talented, he is so good at capturing his audience and creating an atmosphere that makes you want to dance and join in the fun. I was so very impressed with his voice, and the ability to interact with all the people around him at the same time he was singing! Thank you Bobby for a wonderful, awesome evening, look forward to hearing you sing again! At your next party/event if want or need a great singer call on Bobby Longspring..:) He has gigs all around Second Life, and if as mentioned before would like him at your next event just contact Maxine Segall, she will surely be able to assist you in arranging with Bobby to have an exciting fully entertained event. He will play requested songs also, so have those favorite country or oldies ready!


  1. Thank you Butterfly! What a beautiful article about an incredible SL artist Bobby Longspring, our great live performer and a big supporter of our venue.His concerts are truly amazing and always bring a good crowd of his fans and followers. Thank you for your wonderful words about our place and our music venue. It's a true pleasure and honor to know you and have you as one of my dearest friends here in SL. i'm a big fan of your talent as an artist and a writer, and can't wait to have your art works displayed at our mall, they will be also available for purchase. Thank you for your incredible support of our live musicians and our venue. It's always great to have you here! Love Izabella

    SLURL to Malpais:
    Our Group Info:

  2. BluesSweet TomorrowAugust 13, 2010 at 9:50 AM

    I have known Bobby Longspring for many yrs on another site he sings on, his talent and love for his fans and friends is truely amazing to me. I'm glad he took my invite to come into SL and join us and share his wonderful voice and personality. Thank you for the great writeup on him. He does deserve to be recognized in SL.

    BluesSweet Tomorrow