Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dane Zander's "APOLLO"

Some things remain the same in any world, with slight changes for the better, but still you know what and where it is! The Sim Apollo has been a refuge for me on so many different occasions, for finding peace of mind, or doing some writing, and or to have good conversations.
Its a very peaceful place that has been in Second life since June 30, 2004, and was created by Dane Zander, who entered sl under that name May 23rd 2004. In his words he describes this lovely place as such,

"*Relax*Explore*Enjoy* Beautiful Sim for your private moments, or just plain relaxation. Many secluded spots. The peaceful Tai-Chi area in Hyacinth Valley and the "Salsas y Boleros" romantic dance stand are just two of many places to see."

I have come here since I first came to Second Life in 2006, and have enjoyed it ever since. I have brought many people here to see his marvelous work, and to listen to the relaxing music and to explore what he offers here.

I have taken some photos of Apollo to share some of my minds eyes view of its beauty, I hope I do it justice because its worth it! Thank you Dane for giving me a place to rest my weary head and to be able to clear my mind when I need it most! Knowing there is one place in SL that I can come to that I know will be the way I remember it each time I return and in that alone there is comfort and happiness. Come see Apollo when you have time, rest a while, clear your mind... you won't regret a second of it!

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