Thursday, August 6, 2009

Midnight Seduction ... SweetRose...

I have known so many people over the years in SL and a few stick out in my mind, the ones that really make a difference in peoples lives. Midnight Seduction is a lovely dance place but what makes it special is people flock here even on a Thursday to dance and talk and have fun!!! That says something about the people behind this very nice place!! Sweetrose Lovenkraft co owner, I have known since 2007, when she was a mere Newbie, but so much life within her! She shows all who come to Midnight Seduction that lovely part of her, with full of life attitude....!!! She is well loved!! Take a look here when you get a chance and have a great time, will be fun!! promise. Catch the fun at Midnight Seductions every Tuesday and Thursday SL time 6pm to 8pm SL time!!

Check out Midnight Seductions here!!!

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