Sunday, April 21, 2013

Child Abuse

I try not to have such heart breaking stories on my block like the one I have decided to share with you all.  Its an older story from back in 2007 from you tube.  Its about a small child no more than a year and a half old that was brutally murdered... just for being a child.  The reason I am showing this here is because it saddens me that a little child died needlessly, he simply couldn't defend himself against the terror his tiny body received.  This happens repeatedly in the world.. and the ones who might survive suffer a life time.. This video someone made might be to strong for some to watch, however its a true story, and one I believe we all should open our eyes to in these troubled times in the world.  I just pray to God these terrible acts against children end...If you see a child that is extremely upset or has bruises on them, it doesn't hurt to have authorities look into it.. you may save a life!  God bless you all!!

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