Friday, March 29, 2013

Life... Twist and Turns

Hi all ...hope you are all doing well... Just a  note to say I understand the ups and downs of life... I don't have all the answers but I have been through my share of them...and one thing I do know if you have faith enough to hold on .. answers come.. maybe not when you want them but when you will need them.. Love yourself and be kind to yourself.. and understand that not all things can be changed,  but there will come answers that you need and sometimes not in the way you think you need or wanted them...Just be patient and kind and you will be blessed with what you need.  We are here for a very short time in life, and mere babes .. there is so much more to learn.. some learn many things while here on earth, and some not as much.  Just as I have said before be your heart and you will be blessed with what you need.  No matter what you think in times of strife, things do get better...God be with you all... blessings :)

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