Saturday, January 12, 2013

Change The World.. Big movement trying to do just that!

I guess I am not the only one seeing extreme things happening on this earth, such as the much more powerful storms that have touched so many lives, including droughts, fires and more.  I was watching a news channel the other day and a caller was trying to tell some government officials about the global warming that is becoming more and more so... and they basically cut her off without letting her finish, however she did manage to get a website out......  This website I have never heard of.. and probably for good reason.. some people probably don't want others to see this... so I am going to give a connection to the site and also embed somethings on the blog from within the site..Lots of good info hope you enjoy...GB

Here is the Site  <( Just click) 

I hope we all do the right thing.. to improve our earth.. healing her,  and  in doing so improve our own lives..GB you all!

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