Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Floods In Florida

The lady who lives or lived here had a stroke one week before the flood and knew nothing of it while she was recovering in the nursing home, her husband stayed with her there
Due to tropical storm Debbie many states have had problems, and Florida has had its share of high waters.  We moved to the country about a year ago, near Jacksonville Florida, and its relatively flat ground out here not very hilly, with beautiful pastures and lands.  We never thought we would see what we saw this year.  Tropical storm Debbie dumped tons of water here and surrounding areas making for a flood condition they called the 100 year flood, meaning this  has not been seen in over a century in this area.  Homes were under water,  vehicles and even bridges, and the bridges the withstood the flood waters most were underwater, some were washed away.  I will try to get some photos in here showing what we saw first hand during the last week or so.  God bless and help those whom have lost homes and other property.

This home was raised about 8 feet off the ground.
The man who lives here a few yrs ago lost his wife and then a much smaller flood came.  He said he had not been able to take her things from the home, but when that flood came he thought perhaps it was Gods way of  helping decide he had to move on... he only wonders this time what plan God has for him. We were taken by boat to view this home, set way off the road, while flood waters went to the road.  Many people in the surrounding area also were under water.

More to come on this ... had a bit of trouble downloading more photos ... will do soon GB:)


  1. "God bless and help those whom have lost homes and other property."

    Why should God help them since he/she is supposed to be omnipotent and in that case caused them to lose their homes in the first place?

    1. Sometimes we go through things that God allows us to experience to bring us closer to him. God doesn't cause these things to happen but allows them to. We are not perfect beings while on this earth, and we are in constant learning to hopefully better ourselves. Through strife sometimes we are humbled and in turn learn from that. :) GB

  2. Whew! That's so terrible. How's the place today? And the lady in the hospital? I know there are a lot more flood victims facing different situations but I'm kinda curious if she's home safe by now.

    Tyrone Nold

  3. thank you for your concern... everyone has rebuilt and Fema helped many recover..