Sunday, May 1, 2011

We are moving!!!! Yipee

I am moving more these days then I ever did. I had lived in my home for 37 years and had to move in 2008, and have been where we are since then. We ( my son and I ) got the opportunity to move to the country about 30 miles from where we are now!
Its a very quiet mobile home on a private lot with tons of outdoor space, and pretty spacious inside as well ( more than we have now!) We have a couple neighbors that live in a actual travel trailer next door but really quite far away! Its so quiet out there and will be quite a change from what we are use to in the city.. and I imagine it will take time to get use to the quiet lol. I am sure we will manage though. We also have field near the house with cattle what we have been told will come up close and also a donkey. I just have to find a fishing hole lol, so use to being near water where I live now but will find one I am sure... I hope :) Will place some photos here in about a week or so when we finish moving to show everyone! We are really in the wilderness lol.. well I am super tired and going to bed tc till next time!! PS my internet might be off a month or so coming soon...

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