Saturday, April 23, 2011

Need Hope?

Hope helps us to hold tight throw life's storms be that they are great or small, with out hope we have nothing, we lose sight of how to get through the rough times.
Hope helps us to remain calm during the roughest possible storms it keeps us grounded and secure no matter what happens around us. If we believe in hope then we know that God is right there with us even in the darkest of times holding our hand and guiding us forward. It is said that people with no hope can be possibly depressed, or become ill in other ways, they have more or less given up. There are ways to prevent yourself from finding yourself hopeless, to go on with hope in your heart.

Hebrews 11:1. “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” This verse at the beginning of the faith chapter (Hebrews 11) carries with it all of the confidence that comes with knowing for sure, with no question, what we have been promised by God in His Word.

Below are Somethings That Might help You Keep or
Develop Hope

1. Be hopeless. If you are not in a tough spot where things look like they cannot get any worse, you do not need hope. Also, if you still have hope, you do not need to read this article.
2. Have a good friend. It is nearly impossible to build up hope without a positive voice in your head.
3. Fight back when things get rough. As you develop your ability to have hope, you must never give up. Hang on to anything you can while you ride out the difficult times.
4. Notice what happens to people who do not have hope. Bad things happen. You do not want to end up like them. The alternative of not having hope is ugly. Do not end up like that.
5. Help others. There are few feelings as rewarding as being an individual who makes the lives of others better. Once you begin filling your life with positive thoughts about yourself you can have hope for better things.
6. Devise a plan. You cannot just sit around and wonder why things do not get better. You must figure out a way to get out of your rut. Once you have hope, you need to do something with it. Make sure your plan includes you ending up in a happy place.
7. Go to your happy place. After you learn to have hope and use it to execute your plan, make sure you end up in your happy place.

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Never Give Up Hope

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