Saturday, October 9, 2010

To Live The Simple Life In SL

We all begin in Second Life wondering what its all about....and when we think we know we find out we really didn't... and then discover its a much larger learning curve emotionally, besides all basics we must learn. For some of us we find our place in time, whatever that maybe that makes us feel we "ARE" a part of both worlds in one, giving a sense that Second Life really is a part of our Real Life.

I have been with a group now for almost two years in Second life and I found a place my heart is happy and feels I have found home. I have never met more kinder people than these anywhere in Second Life since I began ..can contribute that to only I had not found where I belonged yet:) We eventually find our home..and I believe it begins with the heart finding its path, being that we are all human.

I know some people come here and don't think about anything but its a game and they find out shortly that its not. There are groups for those still young, to play in welcome centers and greeters to help them.

When and if they find their niche here, there is no turning back because its such a part of who you are in real life, a part of you that you haven't maybe been able to express before.

I love where I am here now and the people I associate with..its all good and so much me...

The world right now is in strife and we need to focus good energy towards helping to make it what it should be again!!

I wont reveal where I live to you all here, but will show you some pictures over time, IM me if you feel you want to be a part of spiritual things meet kind people like you, ones that know... from their hearts loyal and true to their word.

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  1. Thanks for this post. For some reason I needed reading this today.