Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strange how our World changes

Hi Everyone,

I tell you I have so many good followers here, and to think although I haven't written here in ages, people are still checking in, and I suppose waiting for a true entry. To all of you, thank you, it truly means a lot to me! I want so much to start writing here again as I have in the past, so don't give up, that might be possible very soon!

For now, while I am here will say a few things. I have in the recent months visited SL only on occasion but its still a passion of mine, mostly because of all the wonderful true and honest friendships I have made over the years! SL holds so many good memories, desires, and is a learning experiences in just about any arena you wish to explore. Its so much a foundation for all the other growing worlds out there that are emerging on the scene! Without some crazy guys and gals in CA creating a place for them to play, the web for metaverse might not be as far ahead as it is without them. I don't think in their wildest dreams they thought they would have come so far and so relatively fast in web time. They will always be the forefathers of metaverse world, although worlds were before them, they gave SL life like no other, and its hard for many to follow in those footsteps.... for most only being able to build upon what already exists! The wealth of knowledge of ones self and of our as we call it real life in SL is incredible.

Over time I have met people in SL from all walks of life, where else on earth could I possible do that? Some might say well, in a chat room or a forum... or try this world or that one. Nah not like SL.. By diversity they captured life in such ways not possible any where else. Since the movie Avatar, and by the way I have just recently had the chance to view it, it almost defines I believe how people feel when they enter the shell of an Avatar of SL. Its almost a union of avatar and human soul, for a time slipping into a different skin but having the same mind, and being able to open it exploring even the darkest crevices of who may have dreamed to be in RL and or also exploring who we really are more deeply or purely an escape from RL. The ability for many to travel to places they couldn't possibly do in real life, due to monetary issues or illness, or fear, and also having the ability to share different experiences in real time. I can't think of a category of business even that hasn't entered the doors of SL, from retail to education, its unlimited, and amazing. Some of the educational events I have had the honor to attend, are making incredible changes in students lives due to being able to reach what was once the unreachable, such as better internet tools for teaching, and especially student creativity on the net allowing for thinking outside the box. Countless universities and colleges have come to SL to help give their students an upper hand on education, my hats off to these dedicated people!

Lots of times we take for granted what we cannot see, for instance I will never forget what a friend once told me. He had gone dancing at a club in SL, and saw a very pretty avatar standing alone, and asked her to dance. After a long conversation and several dances, I suppose she felt safe enough to confide in him. She told him she was new to SL and was having the time of her life, that she couldn't remember a time she had so much fun, and admitted she had tears in her eyes and she thanked him. He thought to himself that he had not done anything special. She further told him that she was paralyzed from the neck down and had been for many years, and that this experience for her had in some ways freed her soul, to feel what she had almost forgotten of herself. As he told me this it brought tears to my eyes as well.. but just think, for a time this lady could dance or fly.. what a wonderful thing! As they say.. be careful with the avatar for you never know what is behind it. Show kindness and caring for you never know if its someones last days.

I could tell you about so many experiences in SL as I am sure you could me, good or bad. Bottom line for me is .. I have grown in many good ways due to my personal experiences in SL, and if it wasn't for some crazy guys and gals in CA creating a place to play.. I might not be where I am today. I know more about me than I think I would have known if I had not had this experience. I might not visit as much as I once did, but I take the memories I have obtained with me wherever I go, I open them and peek in and all I can do is smile.

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