Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Underwater Scene

Been enjoying RL a bit so haven't been writing here lately, was to return sooner but got a lot done! I am presently working on setting up with the Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts, they want me to give some Seminars on my style of Art! I will also be presenting some of my work at the Art Walk down town Jacksonville. Still writing and enjoying doing so, the chapters are taking longer due to so many other things in the works!! Will show you a work I just completed, or at least I think I have, ( feel like they always could use more of something)!! Again I will show the progression of the piece, this piece is from an acrylic painting I have done a few years ago in RL. Was told that it couldn't be done, to produce a from scratch painting in a pc program to look like a painting in such as acrylics etc, well here it is! Exactly why I have been given the opportunity to Lecture and teach this, at our local college. No program devices, have been used only the paint color palette, and mouse! Hugs to all, Butterfly

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